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    Version 1.0.21


    L2jOrion Server Files (Changeset 21)

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    Version 1.0.2


    L2jOrion Server Geodata


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    Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 12)


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    UPDATED - mobs AI knownlist system. Some mobs which have faction ID (clan) need a faster reaction to help each other. Now they have it. UPDATED - powerpack system and re-worked global gk, gm shop and buffer. Since this made, from gmshop, gatekeeper and buffer folders htm files are using same for NPC and player commands. Also, possible use in community board. Added a new global gk. Available menus: All towns + noble menu, catacombs, necropolises, teleportation to cursed weapon for special item, teleportation to any zone for special item or just only for premium accounts. UPDATED - Buffer menu and added possibility remove buff one by one. UPDATED - Class balance system and added classes balance control by second class (damages - to/by fighters and mages). 3rd class was before. ADDED - A new command: .bank and also, possible use like additional selection in any menu. All configs inside powerpack.ini: # Bank system # Command: .bank BankSystem = True DepositItemId = 3470 WithdrawItemId = 57 WithdrawItemCount = 500000000
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    Hello, we are the new project, but not new in coding or developing servers. We have a many years experiences and we know what our customers want. So, in short about pack: All updates were made based by L2OFF real interlude information. Also, pack has a many features which you can easy turn off and use like PTS server. In pack works all L2OFF features. What's our Goal? To make these files work as much as possible similar to L2OFF files. More information on the our website page. That's all, guys, for now. Stay follow us on the website for more news. Sincerely, L2jOrion Team.
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    AI - Re-worked castle siege guards AI system. Old system had lots issues and made a lag for players in the some castles.
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    Geo-engine: - Re-worked character movement in the water. Fixed falling damage and hard dipping. This issue worked mostly in catacomb or necropolis when character moves in/out, because of geo-data. - Updated synchronization system between client<->server. - Updated character update position system. - Updated geo-engine system.
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    I want to add that buffers (prophet, ee, bd, sws, wc...) can sell his buff in store... i see this in other server thx
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    UPDATED - MaxDriftRange and MaxRespawnRange functions for better geo-data checking and it doesn't allow walk or be re-spawned to wall on bigger range. FIXED - character heading. From now on, you can see correctly character direction on spawn (teleport, enter to world and etc.). basically, on first seeing character will show correctly direction, not the same like always was before. ADDED - a new command .sellbuffs and .cancelsellbuffs with some additional configs (BETA) ADDED - New logging system. ADDED - New Game Time Controller system. ADDED - New Geo-Engine which works much better than old. ADDED - New DeadLock system with auto server restart. UPDATED - Auto Save Manager. CLEAN UP - Unnecessary imports, configs and settings. UPDATED - Command .gk/Global teleport and added possibility turn off teleport animation (animation = same like /unstuck, escape or etc.) RE-WORKED - Grand Bosses system and from now on possible add separate Fix Time. Also, changed time settings. FIXED - All town pets which were missed.
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    Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 13 and 14 together)


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    Added. Topic is locked.
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    RE-WORKED - command: .votereward. From now on, you can get reward for each one vote. Also, I added a new top - L2jbrasil. All configs are inside pack - L2jOrion.ini. Up there you can to put your item id and set up min/max items in random for each vote.
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    FIXED - Some FOG mobs which had wrong locations on random spawn after kill. UPDATED - Seven Sings teleport locations to the hunting zones which haven't correct locations. UPDATED - knownlist system and improved performance. Also, decreased CPU usage.
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    ok damon! thx! for all master! i uderstand
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    ADDED: a premium account teleport system. Just change one word β€ž...goto..β€œ to β€ž...premium_goto...β€œfor example: β€žbypass -h custom_dotele premium_goto 2503β€œ. CORRECTED: character movement issues on attack mode. ATTENTION! HERE IS OLD UPDATES WHICH YOU MUST TO SEE:
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    - Re-worked Faenor system and added medals.xml, valentines.xml events. In this case we don't need these files in libs folder anymore: bsh-2.0b6.jar, bsh-engine.jar - Re-worked python/java engines and we don't need these files in libs folder anymore: java-engine-1.8.jar, jython-engine-2.2.1.jar Timeline: https://l2jorion-project.assembla.com/spaces/L2jOrionInterlude/subversion/commits/28
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    Hi, i'm from brazil and I'm available too for tests the project. I really liked the project and I intend to open a Brazilian server and certainly contribute with donations to you more and more make this project one of the best that ever existed.
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    Misc Re-worked files protection system. From now on, each user must be registered at our forum page and update forum user id in: config/user.in file.
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    Boats system - Re-worked entire system and fixed characters movement to in/out the boat. Added all L2OFF system messages, routes and etc. Totally re-worked from core side with L2BoatAI, L2Vehicle, vehicle stats and fully updated client/server packets (For now to test it is available only in TEST server)
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    Development of gm shop along with .shop I'm working on a new html for the npcs custom server, I deposited it will end up available here in the forum.
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    Misc - Class Master updates: added lvl checking on the class change and heal's config., - Geo-engine: a little more corrections for better performance., - Fixed a bug report: (Server w/o Auto Learn skill) For Example: If you have toggle Skill LvL1 in USE, and learn LvL2, then you cant shut down Skill (and still is use lvl1) Only RR help.
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    Multisell is not missing, it's just because those multisells have items which are not in your database.Delete these files and problem solved.
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    Good evening, would you like to know the basics of the project? And if I can publish this project in another forum as responsible for the community in Brazil. I'm available to help with the tests.
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    Misc: Some imports corrections by L2OFF information. Our priority is L2OFF and all updates are doing by this info except some modifications which possible easy turn off. Added a new test server system 1.05 which is closer to L2OFF and it doesn't have modifications from the newer l2 clients. Please report all bugs/mistakes and other issues here: https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/forum/10-bugs/