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Orion Project - Server Files

How to get β€žReal Memberβ€œ status?


You can get theΒ Real MemberΒ status here:Β https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/store/category/1-real-member/

Real MemberΒ has following privileges:

  • Access to edit β€žYour Pack Settingsβ€œ in your own forum profileΒ and bind your own server's IP/DOMAIN/SUBDOMAINΒ address.
  • Unlimited IP/DOMAIN/SUBDOMAIN address changing (binding) for free.
  • Access to the downloads section.
  • Access to the updates section.
  • Technical support and help.
  • A new group color ofΒ Real Member.,
  • Our respect toΒ you, because you help the project stay alive.Β ;)Β 

[!] ***Β Real member status doesn't affect the operation of the server in any way and this won't stop your server if you don't have this status.