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  1. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files with latest updates - Changeset 15

    50.00 GBP

  2. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 15)


  3. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 15) L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 15) Submitter Vilmis Submitted 04/18/19 Category Server Files Updates  
  4. Vilmis

    Changeset #15

    UPDATED - MaxDriftRange and MaxRespawnRange functions for better geo-data checking and it doesn't allow walk or be re-spawned to wall on bigger range. FIXED - character heading. From now on, you can see correctly character direction on spawn (teleport, enter to world and etc.). basically, on first seeing character will show correctly direction, not the same like always was before. ADDED - a new command .sellbuffs and .cancelsellbuffs with some additional configs (BETA) ADDED - New logging system. ADDED - New Game Time Controller system. ADDED - New Geo-Engine which works much better than old. ADDED - New DeadLock system with auto server restart. UPDATED - Auto Save Manager. CLEAN UP - Unnecessary imports, configs and settings. UPDATED - Command .gk/Global teleport and added possibility turn off teleport animation (animation = same like /unstuck, escape or etc.) RE-WORKED - Grand Bosses system and from now on possible add separate Fix Time. Also, changed time settings. FIXED - All town pets which were missed.
  5. Mate, if you would do this in your own project it doesn't mean we do.
  6. Hello, the source code is not available, because here is a paid pack.
  7. Thank you, but the pack is already tested and so far everything works fine, but if you want to buy a pack then you can do re-check for some things it depends what you want to check in our test server.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 13 and 14 together)


  9. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 13 and 14 together) L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 13 and 14 together) Submitter Vilmis Submitted 02/27/19 Category Server Files Updates  
  10. Vilmis

    Changeset #14

    UPDATED - option : MaxDriftRange and added geodata checking which doesn't allow mobs go to wall if they are nearby wall. ADDED - option: MaxRespawnRange. From now on, all mobs can be re-spawned by random loc like L2OFF. Also, added geodata checking for those mobs which can be re-spawned to wall. ADDED - new MMO core system and removed unnecessary protection configs. RE-WORKED - flood protection system and now it has better performance. ADDED - new protection for multisell of .shop command which doesn't allow use any mulltisell id by PHX. It wil be added for all multisells later. CLEAN UP - multisells which are not default and unusing. FIXED - 1000+ bugged mobs which had wrong loc or were underground (under textures) and that's all what our system found which means no more bugged mobs. This happened after a new geo-data system installation when some mobs had a bad Z loc before and later get bugged. Also, some were left since very old time.
  11. Vilmis

    Changeset #13

    UPDATED - our synchronization system CLIENT<->SERVER and improved performance. Don't forget use a config option: CoordSynchronize = 3 in geodata.ini FIXED - Skill: Lucky. Impossible get Death Penalty when you are 1-9lv by L2OFF. CLEANED - many unnecessary code/configs for better performance.
  12. Vilmis


    Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Geodata


  13. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 12)


  14. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 12) L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 12) Submitter Vilmis Submitted 01/23/19 Category Server Files Updates  
  15. Added. Topic is locked.
  16. It was before. Locked.
  17. Added. Topic is locked.
  18. Vilmis

    Changeset #12

    UPDATED - mobs AI knownlist system. Some mobs which have faction ID (clan) need a faster reaction to help each other. Now they have it. UPDATED - powerpack system and re-worked global gk, gm shop and buffer. Since this made, from gmshop, gatekeeper and buffer folders htm files are using same for NPC and player commands. Also, possible use in community board. Added a new global gk. Available menus: All towns + noble menu, catacombs, necropolises, teleportation to cursed weapon for special item, teleportation to any zone for special item or just only for premium accounts. UPDATED - Buffer menu and added possibility remove buff one by one. UPDATED - Class balance system and added classes balance control by second class (damages - to/by fighters and mages). 3rd class was before. ADDED - A new command: .bank and also, possible use like additional selection in any menu. All configs inside powerpack.ini: # Bank system # Command: .bank BankSystem = True DepositItemId = 3470 WithdrawItemId = 57 WithdrawItemCount = 500000000
  19. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 11)


  20. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 11) L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 11) Submitter Vilmis Submitted 01/07/19 Category Server Files Updates  
  21. Vilmis

    Changeset #11

    RE-WORKED - command: .votereward. From now on, you can get reward for each one vote. Also, I added a new top - L2jbrasil. All configs are inside pack - L2jOrion.ini. Up there you can to put your item id and set up min/max items in random for each vote.
  22. Vilmis

    Changeset #10

    FIXED - Some FOG mobs which had wrong locations on random spawn after kill. UPDATED - Seven Sings teleport locations to the hunting zones which haven't correct locations. UPDATED - knownlist system and improved performance. Also, decreased CPU usage.
  23. View File L2jOrion Server Files (Changeset 15) L2jOrion Server Files with latest updates - Changeset 14 Submitter Vilmis Submitted 12/31/18 Category Server Files (Pack)