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  1. How do you become a new member? an example I'm finalizing the development of the GM shop plus I'm following the forum if I can explain.
  2. I had not thought about it, I'll do a video tutorial for the brazilian community.
  3. Well I followed step by step of the configuration of the server and even then the revision not soon here is the print of the error.
  4. Mr.Kadu


    Development of gm shop along with .shop I'm working on a new html for the npcs custom server, I deposited it will end up available here in the forum.
  5. The clan full and for clan level 8 full skill for the clan leader, if possible could also to create a coin to give clan full skill to those who buy equal to nobles of two click
  6. I would like to know if there is a full clan command in the revision?
  7. I will be adapting some npcs for review
  8. Multisell error missing in files http://prntscr.com/lp5zmk
  9. Good evening, would you like to know the basics of the project? And if I can publish this project in another forum as responsible for the community in Brazil. I'm available to help with the tests.