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  3. Add restriction to Healers classes in events (TvT, CTF, DM) Change Raid Boss *killed_time* to *next_respawn* in .boss command Add pathnode ( Mobs are below the ground and inside the walls )
  4. Contact us and we will install server for you on your chosen server machine.
  5. Hello does anyone have the server installation guide from scratch?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    *** Everyone gets full support, help, fixes and updates.

    199.00 GBP

  7. Hello can you share with me this NPC substack for l2jserver because i wanna make Substack 1+1 Same race class with this NPC and then i want to get also Retail Subclass with same system
  8. Hello can you share with me this NPC substack for l2jserver because i wanna make Substack 1+1 Same race class with this NPC and then i want to get also Retail Subclass with same system
  9. Ok, I'll check this out and if something wrong then this fix will be added with the new update. Once again thank you for the report.
  10. Hello, Ok, I'll think about this. Thank you for your suggestion.
  11. Hello, @Damon My Suggestion is create 2 params if u are vip u can use the autofarm for X time straight, if not you are can use farm for x time, Example, 12 hrs of autofarm if ur vip and 2 hrs of autofarm if ur not, why this? we create another reason to buy vip and support the server
  12. It is the messenger for the siege(game)NPC outside of Bandit StrongHold Clan hall. When you press the button register
  13. Hi, I will check this out and if something doesn't work right I will fix it, but it should be working. Thank you for the report.
  14. Helllo, Yes, it does. Can you tell me where you found this missing html or NPC id at least?
  15. Hi again! When I try to register to ther messengers Loken and Jacquard nothing happens. When I click the option view information siege; nothing happens again. The NPC's during the siegetime do not spawn. However only when I give to myself the castle and ending the siege then the NPCs work perfectly; like mount wyvern;etc. I believe the sieges do not work. Want to check it out? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello! When I choose the option select a clan NPC; this comes up. HTML is missing: data/scripts/quests/BanditStrongHold/agit_oel_mahum_messenger_6.htm Does the this siegable clan hall working?
  17. Just fully read again the text in top. I already answered to this.
  18. Damon

    Custom NPC

    It would be much easier for you to find already created NPC and just add it.
  19. Damon

    .farm does not work

    It was a simple issue that I made in rush. Thank you for the report.
  20. I have same issue, where do i change drop from pumpkins?
  21. Niroan

    Custom NPC

    Im really lost as of How it should be easy to add NPC. There is not guide anywhere. I know i need to make the html for the conversation. Etc but i have no clue How to add new NPC, change skin of it.. add custom shop.. place it inside World.
  22. Damon

    .farm does not work

    Hello, Did you turn on this mod from config file config/mods/autofarm.ini ?
  23. Niroan

    .farm does not work

    Title says it all, been trying to contact via Discord and Direct Message. But no help. Please fix this.
  24. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 28 | Revision 899) CORRECTIONS CORRECTED - Skills list and now it sorted by skill id. CORRECTED - The bosses Anakim and Lilith soul crystal's chance (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - NPC: Innocentin (High Priest). It had wrong sub-classes by his own type. ADDONS ADDED - Autofarm bot mod. Config file included. OPTIMIZATION IMPROVED - Server pack secure against exploits and some cheats. (PART 4) IMPROVED - Performance and stability (database connections, code clean up, rework). (PART 3) BUGS FIXED - Quests bug. The quest with some kind of conditions can not be included in active quests list. FIXED - Toggle skills bug on weapon change (Thanks to @valentina for the report). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoJoi2PKPa8 FIXED - Grand bosses random respawn time issue. It had wrong time, because of random system that started from 0 and not from 1. Submitter Damon Submitted 11/03/22 Category Server Pack Updates  
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