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  4. Hello, I would like to know how to acquire the latest revision to update the one I have. I have a free version, it's revision 16
  5. Hi there ! recently me and my friend were working on environment for a client and i choose Cruma Tower as the base reference checkout my result ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b06Y0LMCGTs
  6. Grand Opening August 25 BETA August 18 WEBSITE: https://tirithnetwork.com/home/ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/gXbQ9z5 FREE DONATION COINS WITH REFERRAL PROGRAM Click HERE! for more INFO Exp: x10 Sp: x7 Drop: x5 Spoil: x5 Adena: x5 3 Account Per PC Buff Slots: 22+4 Offline Stores Auctioner 3rd Class: Quest Retail or 15KK Ancient Adena Seven Signs Retail Olys Retail Dwarf Enchant Bonus: 5% at level 80 Enchant Safe: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Chance: 55% Blessed Chance: 60% (if fail stay +4) Cystal Max Enchant: +12 Crystal Chance: 100% ANT QUEEN: 19-23Hrs CORE: 32-38Hrs ORFEN: 26-31Hrs ZAKEN: 42-48Hrs BAIUM: 120-128Hrs ANTHARAS: 192-194Hrs VALAKAS: 230-248Hrs FRINTEZZA: 44-48Hrs
  7. Vilmis

    I need help

    We don't have this type zone.
  8. Aldu

    I need help

    when creating the flag area I arrive with the character and it teleports me all the time <!-- Primeval--> <zone type="FlagZone" shape="NPoly" minZ="-4290" maxZ="-1290"><!-- Primeval Isle --> <node X="10408" Y="-27395" /> <node X="12065" Y="-25334" /> <node X="15834" Y="-19850" /> <node X="8791" Y="-10223" /> <node X="3487" Y="-12137" /> <node X="4110" Y="-34245" /> <spawn X="10280" Y="-23832" Z="-3664" /> <spawn X="9496" Y="-21928" Z="-3680" /> </zone>
  9. We have a test server for this and also more you can to see in config folder which is at same topic.
  10. You should update that post then :) New user like me, have to know what features included.
  11. Now it has much more and everything you can to see at our test server.
  12. Is this the same as the current 2020? Or had more additions?
  13. hello. i have few questions about this project. 1. this files can run at linux ( CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian), this one have sh on server pack? 2. How much Ram this files need to run properly with 500-1000Users. 3. this files need restart every 24-48 hours? or can stay alive for 1 week ?. 4. quest and instances fully working ? retail?
  14. NetHell

    reward players

    Hi. How give online player reward item? Does it exist in db alternative tables items_delayed or character_donate ?
  15. Vilmis

    A question

    Are using our geodata files? Also, did you update to latest files?
  16. asho

    A question

    anyone have problem at catacombs/necropolis ? mobs after killing them they spawn over the ground
  17. did u get the aio bufffer as u are real member ?
  18. I can help you if you want through here, just tell me in wich step you're getting errors or etc.
  19. Today I wanted to become a real member to be able to have help from the admins of this website, my order has not been processed yet, if someone of them is on contact with me to install this server as soon as possible
  20. ADM-AzeroTH



  21. May i ask for a second password in-game some how? Thanks.
  22. I need AIO buffer, here is the link https://www.l2jbrasil.com/topic/112586-aio-adicionar-aio-dual-e-remover-dual/ Thank you
  23. Reina

    Event command

    I don't get yourt issue. i had no problem with events, once disables nothing appear in game about them.
  24. Vilmis

    Crystal Enchant

    Stop spamming around or you will get a ban. 99% of all your bugs you made by yourself and if you wanna be sure 100% about bugs then first of all - GO TO OUR TEST SERVER. Also, you can write directly to our support and ask us.
  25. Crystal enchant not working,no armor,no weapon,no Jewelry.
  26. after try to restart server,happend that one.
  27. and one more. i sow of few days,the GM after few minutes,will be BLOCKED and must to enter int ask manager to exit and to enter again...
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