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  1. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 9) L2jOrion Server Updates - Changeset 9 Submitter Damon Submitted 12/31/18 Category Server Updates  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates - Changeset 9


  3. Damon

    Changeset #9

    Re-worked - .boss command. Added: Raid Bosses list by levels. Also, possible see death time, aggro, level and location on map. Fixed - some small issues in Queen Ant AI. Added - Some donate functions. Possible to add more colors for name and title. All prices you can change inside config - L2jOrion.ini
  4. there is not a bug, just use our file: etcitemgrp.dat because i made it stackable
  5. Damon

    Del anti h

    Anti h? Maybe you meant anti bot? config/protection/other.ini I re-worked this protection with random time and overwriting html panels. You have to choose a correct word which is green colour. Also, that green color has a random green color code what is harder to avoid this protection for bots. # Anti bot protection against all possible bots # IMPORTANT: Start bot checker if player is in combat online without shop and in a zone not peacefull # On / off protection against bots by giving the char to write a word. # IMPORTANT: you must modify the file server/config/questionwords.txt BotProtect = False # The time after which after entering a character in the game will be asked (minutes). #! Attention to display the questions used by the window with training nubov. #! so do not recommend a small number, because the quest may be broken. BotProtectFirstCheck = 10 # The time interval, which will take place from the previous question until the next (minutes). BotProtectNextCheck1 = 30 BotProtectNextCheck2 = 120 # Amount of time allowed for giving the answer (seconds). BotProtectAnsver = 180
  6. https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/announcement/3-the-new-member-group-real-member/
  7. I will add this in new rev, but one problem... I made a new group - real members. So, from now on, only a new group members will can to download a newest rev.
  8. I can to offer RB map to add in your website page for now, but later i could to add this thing.
  9. Download rev 29 and take out l2jorion-core.jar from LIBS and add to your LIBS folder.
  10. Damon

    Baium Bugs

    So, everything is ok with Baium now?
  11. wertynas

    INFOΒ  ................................. Unauthorized server IP address -
    Your server IP must be assigned to your forum user.
    More information on www.L2jOrion.com
    Skype - live:l2jorionproject
    E-mail - support@l2jorion.com
    INFOΒ  ..............................................................................

    server terminated
    Send you bug to: https://www.l2jorion.com



    1. hiramdavid3@hotmail.com


      Did you solve this? iam having the same error.Β 


  12. Added to newest rev 29.