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  1. Hello, we are the new project, but not new in coding or developing servers. We have a many years experiences and we know what our customers want. So, in short about pack: All updates were made based by L2OFF real interlude information. Also, pack has a many features which you can easy turn off and use like PTS server. In pack works all L2OFF features. What's our Goal? To make these files work as much as possible similar to L2OFF files. More information on the our website page. That's all, guys, for now. Stay follow us on the website for more news. Sincerely, L2jOrion Team.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates - Changeset 9


  3. 1. You have to be a Real Member: https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/store/product/1-real-member/ 2. Go to your profile and edit it. 3. Add your server IP which you're using now and save your profile. IP must be same as it is in gameserver.ini -> ExternalHostname 4. Your Pack Settings will appear in your profile above PERSONAL INFORMATION. 5. Go to your server files and open config/user.ini then put there your Forum User ID and save it. Done. Now you can launch server.
  4. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 9) L2jOrion Server Updates - Changeset 9 Submitter Damon Submitted 12/31/18 Category Server Updates  
  5. Damon

    Changeset #9

    Re-worked - .boss command. Added: Raid Bosses list by levels. Also, possible see death time, aggro, level and location on map. Fixed - some small issues in Queen Ant AI. Added - Some donate functions. Possible to add more colors for name and title. All prices you can change inside config - L2jOrion.ini
  6. there is not a bug, just use our file: etcitemgrp.dat because i made it stackable
  7. Damon

    Del anti h

    Anti h? Maybe you meant anti bot? config/protection/other.ini I re-worked this protection with random time and overwriting html panels. You have to choose a correct word which is green colour. Also, that green color has a random green color code what is harder to avoid this protection for bots. # Anti bot protection against all possible bots # IMPORTANT: Start bot checker if player is in combat online without shop and in a zone not peacefull # On / off protection against bots by giving the char to write a word. # IMPORTANT: you must modify the file server/config/questionwords.txt BotProtect = False # The time after which after entering a character in the game will be asked (minutes). #! Attention to display the questions used by the window with training nubov. #! so do not recommend a small number, because the quest may be broken. BotProtectFirstCheck = 10 # The time interval, which will take place from the previous question until the next (minutes). BotProtectNextCheck1 = 30 BotProtectNextCheck2 = 120 # Amount of time allowed for giving the answer (seconds). BotProtectAnsver = 180
  8. https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/announcement/3-the-new-member-group-real-member/
  9. I will add this in new rev, but one problem... I made a new group - real members. So, from now on, only a new group members will can to download a newest rev.
  10. I can to offer RB map to add in your website page for now, but later i could to add this thing.
  11. Download rev 29 and take out l2jorion-core.jar from LIBS and add to your LIBS folder.
  12. Damon

    Baium Bugs

    So, everything is ok with Baium now?
  13. Damon

    Changeset #8

    ADDED: a premium account teleport system. Just change one word β€ž...goto..β€œ to β€ž...premium_goto...β€œfor example: β€žbypass -h custom_dotele premium_goto 2503β€œ. CORRECTED: character movement issues on attack mode. ATTENTION! HERE IS OLD UPDATES WHICH YOU MUST TO SEE:
  14. Damon

    Baium Bugs

    Sometimes //reload commands can effect a lot and make a new bugs. Try this grand boss right away after server restart. Then tell me what you found wrong exactly. Thanks.
  15. Damon

    Changeset #7

    - Re-worked Faenor system and added medals.xml, valentines.xml events. In this case we don't need these files in libs folder anymore: bsh-2.0b6.jar, bsh-engine.jar - Re-worked python/java engines and we don't need these files in libs folder anymore: java-engine-1.8.jar, jython-engine-2.2.1.jar Timeline: https://l2jorion-project.assembla.com/spaces/L2jOrionInterlude/subversion/commits/28
  16. 1. First of all, let's create a database. So, go to Navicat and quick double left-click on your connection (We must be connected), then right-click on your connection and choose β€žNew Database...β€œ 2. Create a database like that with your selected name (I will use my default name β€žl2_databaseβ€œ). Click OK. 3. Quick double left-click on your database (again we must be connected), right-click on your database and choose β€žExecute SQL File...β€œ 4. Select file β€žl2_database.sqlβ€œ from server folder β€žQuick_DB_Installerβ€œ and do same like at image. Attention: Sometimes database can be in zip format. So, don't forget unzip it before this action. 5. When this installation will be done you're gonna get a message and can close window. Done.
  17. Damon

    Changeset #6

    AI - Re-worked castle siege guards AI system. Old system had lots issues and made a lag for players in the some castles.
  18. Yep. It would be perfect.
  19. is the same ip in gameserver.ini -> ExternalHostname?