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  2. Corrections CORRECTED - Skills using on attack (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - Buffer, gatekeeper and shop. From now on all of them work in Community Board without issues. CORRECTED - Player's command /unstuck (Like L2OFF). RE-WORKED - Npc instances (Like L2OFF). RE-WORKED - Attacking system (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - Attacking by Bow (Like L2OFF) . CORRECTED - Character movement (in water too, especially going to Catacomb or Necropolis and out). CORRECTED - 7Signs teleports and moved from core side to database. Also, fixed exploit. CORRECTED - Pets Food and movement Run/Walk. CORRECTED - NPC Gremory height. CORRECTED - Spawn after Teleport: Rune Castle Town Guild and Spawn after Teleport: Rune Castle Town Temple. CORRECTED - Problem with spawn 2 Core Minions near Cruma Marshlands. CORRECTED - Boss Core minions number. CORRECTED - Imperial Gravekeeper and Imperial Slave (Cemetery) count and changed faction range. CORRECTED - 503_PursuitClanAmbition quest. CORRECTED - RB Spawn Location: Sejarr's Servitor. CORRECTED - Broken mobs spawn in Swamp of Screams. CORRECTED - Location of one broken spawn Ant Larva near Wasteland. IMPROVED - Geodata near Swamp of Screams region. REMOVED - Buffs inside nests on Swamp Of Scream, replaced it by Debuffs Poison and Decrease P.Def (Like L2OFF). REMOVED - Tanor Canyon Fast Spot (Too much mobs in one place). CORRECTED - Broken spawns in Ivory Tower Crater. CORRECTED - A few wrong spawns on Valley Of Saints. CORRECTED - Varka Silenos Hunter atk.spd. CORRECTED - Wrong Used Pet Item Name in Chat Log. CORRECTED - Raid Boss Skill: Cancel Magic - Increased chance for success and changed type from One Target to Target Aura. CORRECTED - Random PvP Zone system and from now on you won't be available see any other creatures outside/inside zone except players (enemies) inside zone. Zones were moved to new instance. CORRECTED - Seven Sign: teleport places and prices (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - Spawns on Dragon Valley Entrance. Addons ADDED - Item protection in the warehouse for depositing. From now on the system will check how many maximum item allowed to deposit. ADDED - Encoding/Decoding system for htm/html files. No more exploits with external files. ADDED - New DressMe system for weapon, armor set, hair and face. Also, shows the skin in character selection window and stays after character restart/offline. ADDED - 1 missing stat for Sin eater pet. ADDED - Missing Minions: Frenzy Stakato Soldier and Frenzy Stakato Drone for Monsters: Splinter Stakato Drone and Needle Stakato Drone. ADDED - Request: Cursed Weapon teleport price and item id https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/239-ability-to-change-the-cursed-teleport-price/ ADDED - Request: The New Exclude function for account without premium status https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/240-ability-to-deactivate-voice-commands-for-no-premium-users/ ADDED - Request: Updated Captcha Punishment system https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/235-new-antibo-captcha/ Optimization UPDATED - Effects saving system on character/server disconnection. Also, character won't loss his buffs. UPDATED - Sync system between server and client. UPDATED - mmocore.ini -> ClientFloodProtection config and from now on possible turn it off fully. Just in case if you got some kind of issues with this protection. UPDATED - A lof of old code that had a bad performance and changed to new one like characters AI system, movements, attacking and casting behavior. Also, added next, save action system and new intention system. Bug fixes FIXED - Clan's level up achievement issue. FIXED - Treasure Chest's movement bug. FIXED - Skill: Provoke. It won't work on Guards (Like L2OFF). FIXED - Premium account buffs time. FIXED - Buying of clan reputation bug. If you haven't the right level of clan the donate coin was taken anyway.
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    Changeset #22

    Corrections CORRECTED - Olympiad's competitors damage counting issue. CORRECTED - Geo-Engine movement issues. CORRECTED - Doors system and fixed a few doors issues. CORRECTED - Siegeable clanhalls buy lists. Addons ADDED - A new config for warehouse deposit price ADDED - New event: Tournament (BETA) ADDED - Random PvP Zone with timer and auto pvp flag. Possible to change all configs in xml file. ADDED - Achievement system with 50+ different achievements (will be more). ADDED - New configs for DressMe: # DressMe for an item as curency for action DressMeForItem = False DressMeItemId = 57 DressMeItemCount = 1 # Only for premium account AllowDressMeForPremiumOnly = False Optimization REWORKED - All core engine and optimised performance. Also, corrected a few small issues and done unnecessary code clean up. Bug fixes FIXED - Buffer's issue when you have more than 50 buffs. It ruins whole panel and can't see full choices. FIXED - Wrong target bug when you are attacking more than 1 enemies and using the skill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckjjz8spOnw (Thanks to Just_Jap for the report) FIXED - Attack speed bug when attack speed is bigger than 1,5k. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdWuu3Vg0Uc (Thanks to Just_Jap for the report)
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