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    Changeset #22

    Corrections CORRECTED - Olympiad's competitors damage counting issue. CORRECTED - Geo-Engine movement issues. CORRECTED - Doors system and fixed a few doors issues. CORRECTED - Siegeable clanhalls buy lists. Addons ADDED - A new config for warehouse deposit price ADDED - New event: Tournament (BETA) ADDED - Random PvP Zone with timer and auto pvp flag. Possible to change all configs in xml file. ADDED - Achievement system with 50+ different achievements (will be more). ADDED - New configs for DressMe: # DressMe for an item as curency for action DressMeForItem = False DressMeItemId = 57 DressMeItemCount = 1 # Only for premium account AllowDressMeForPremiumOnly = False Optimization REWORKED - All core engine and optimised performance. Also, corrected a few small issues and done unnecessary code clean up. Bug fixes FIXED - Buffer's issue when you have more than 50 buffs. It ruins whole panel and can't see full choices. FIXED - Wrong target bug when you are attacking more than 1 enemies and using the skill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckjjz8spOnw (Thanks to Just_Jap for the report) FIXED - Attack speed bug when attack speed is bigger than 1,5k. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdWuu3Vg0Uc (Thanks to Just_Jap for the report)
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