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  2. CORRECTIONS CORRECTED - Skills list and now it sorted by skill id. CORRECTED - The bosses Anakim and Lilith soul crystal's chance (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - NPC: Innocentin (High Priest). It had wrong sub-classes by his own type. ADDONS ADDED - Autofarm bot mod. Config file included. OPTIMIZATION IMPROVED - Server pack secure against exploits and some cheats. (PART 4) IMPROVED - Performance and stability (database connections, code clean up, rework). (PART 3) BUGS FIXED - Quests bug. The quest with some kind of conditions can not be included in active quests list. FIXED - Toggle skills bug on weapon change (Thanks to @valentina for the report). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoJoi2PKPa8 FIXED - Grand bosses random respawn time issue. It had wrong time, because of random system that started from 0 and not from 1.
  3. *** The first updates after vacation. From now on it's gonna be monthly. CORRECTIONS CORRECTED - Seven sings htm for festival guides and added missing teleport to Dimension rift. ADDONS UPDATED - Show characters online list and added a new option: Players (real online players). Before we had Show Bots and Show Offline stores. OPTIMIZATION IMPROVED - Server pack secure against exploits and some cheats. (PART 3) IMPROVED - Performance and stability (database connections, code clean up, rework). (PART 2) BUGS FIXED - Premium system exploit. FIXED - Clan hall payment issue. FIXED - Skill: Snipe. The range increasing worked with different type of weapon. FIXED - NPC: Black Judge > Death Penalty reduce bug. It did not work before. (https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/329-black-judge-bug/) FIXED - Skill's types: INSTANT JUMP (movement bug) and GET PLAYER (it did not work all the time and it was more likely visual bug). FIXED - Bot's flood error because of auto learn skills. (https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/309-botsfakeplayers-getting-errors-in-gameserver-console/) FIXED - Soulshots activating issues (LIke L2OFF). (https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/310-soulshots-activating-issues-on-hit/) FIXED - Manual set siege date issue. (https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/308-admin-manual-set-siege-castle-date-is-not-working/) FIXED - CH auction: bid price was displayed for everyone. Now is corrected (Like L2OFF). (https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/307-ch-auction-bid-price-is-displayed-for-everyone/) FIXED - Skill queue issue. Skill was used on second target even if you have not activated it. (https://www.l2jorion.com/index.php?/topic/318-skill-is-used-even-if-you-have-not-activated-it/) FIXED - Toggle skills:. It was impossible to deactivate on attack. FIXED - Weapon's Pole soulshot count issue on attack.
  4. *** This Changeset was dedicated to security, stability and better performance increasing mostly. *** Please read txt files β€ž!!! READ ME !!!.txtβ€œ. There is important information for you. *** ATTENTION! We've found and fixed the critical security breach. Make sure you're running on the latest version of server files. CORRECTIONS UPDATED - Raid Curse and fixed no drop issue. UPDATED - Quest monster type from L2Npc to L2Monster for Strider quest. Now works fine. ADDONS UPDATED - Bots Engine: ADDED - A new config: BotsExcludeTargets that allows add creatures by their id. FIXED - Bot stuck in town. OPTIMIZATION IMPROVED - Performance and stability (database connections, code clean up/rework. Also, some database's directly connections changed to character or server start up). IMPROVED - Server pack secure against exploits and some cheats part 2. MOVED - To void some unnecessary flood in game console a few loggers were moved to game/log/game folder. BUGS FIXED - Quest: 246_PossessorOfAPreciousSoul_3, 607_ProveYourCourage_Ketra, 608_SlayTheEnemyCommander_Ketra, 613_ProveYourCourage_Varka and 614_SlayTheEnemyCommander_Varka: changed from random party member to full party members (Like L2OFF). FIXED - Clan hall weekly payments. The new system had a few mistakes left behind. FIXED - Castle siege running time issue. Siege time was not saved on server restart and it did not continue after server restart. FIXED - DressMe hair skin did not appear after character's restart. OTHER RENAMED - market_icons to item_icons (database table). Since we're using these icons for another systems we should not call it only market icons. UPDATED - Admin's menu: online list and search list for more convenient management. UPDATED - Admin's menu: add/edit/del drop list. Added the pages. So, no more messages like html is too long. Sorry, I had to do this a long time ago.
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