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  2. *** This Changeset was dedicated to security, stability and better performance increasing mostly. *** Please read txt files β€ž!!! READ ME !!!.txtβ€œ. There is important information for you. *** ATTENTION! We've found and fixed the critical security breach. Make sure you're running on the latest version of server files. CORRECTIONS UPDATED - Raid Curse and fixed no drop issue. UPDATED - Quest monster type from L2Npc to L2Monster for Strider quest. Now works fine. ADDONS UPDATED - Bots Engine: ADDED - A new config: BotsExcludeTargets that allows add creatures by their id. FIXED - Bot stuck in town. OPTIMIZATION IMPROVED - Performance and stability (database connections, code clean up/rework. Also, some database's directly connections changed to character or server start up). IMPROVED - Server pack secure against exploits and some cheats part 2. MOVED - To void some unnecessary flood in game console a few loggers were moved to game/log/game folder. BUGS FIXED - Quest: 246_PossessorOfAPreciousSoul_3, 607_ProveYourCourage_Ketra, 608_SlayTheEnemyCommander_Ketra, 613_ProveYourCourage_Varka and 614_SlayTheEnemyCommander_Varka: changed from random party member to full party members (Like L2OFF). FIXED - Clan hall weekly payments. The new system had a few mistakes left behind. FIXED - Castle siege running time issue. Siege time was not saved on server restart and it did not continue after server restart. FIXED - DressMe hair skin did not appear after character's restart. OTHER RENAMED - market_icons to item_icons (database table). Since we're using these icons for another systems we should not call it only market icons. UPDATED - Admin's menu: online list and search list for more convenient management. UPDATED - Admin's menu: add/edit/del drop list. Added the pages. So, no more messages like html is too long. Sorry, I had to do this a long time ago.
  3. Hello, dear customers I'm back. Sorry for this very late update. I had really busy year - jobs, education and family stuff did not give me enough time for this. I promise to be more active this year and to add an update each month at least. I can assure that this project never be forgotten or abandoned. I was available to answer to all your questions on website and on all other contacts. Stay tuned for all upcoming updates and news. CORRECTIONS UPDATED - Drop and Spoil info on shift+doube click. From now on it's attached to server rates. CORRECTED - Attack/Autoattack on PVP mode. (one click - one hit, autoattack on pvp is removed [Like L2OFF]). Possible turn it off/on. ADDED - Minions for monster "Talakin" near Partisan's Hideaway (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - Some wrong spawns in the area Valley of Saints. CORRECTED - Level limit for quest β€žWatching Eyesβ€œ (Like L2OFF). ADDONS ADDED - The Squash event. ADDED- Bots engine with newbie, farm, walker and pvp bots. Possible give them clan with crest. Xml and ini files for full editing. ADDED - New commands for admin: //loc, //loc2, //loc3 and //loc4. It saves different types of location to file: game/AdminLocLog.txt. This gonna make faster creation of zone drawing etc. UPDATED - Tournament event: ADDED - Fight for 1x1. CHANGED - The event to auto event by time in config file eventmanager.ini. ADDED - Additional configs: name, description, location, auto spawn npc and event time. ADDED - PvP bots for zone. UPDATED - PvP Random zone: ADDED - Additional configs: Hide player info and give fake name. ADDED - New instance system for zones which means only players in same zone will be available to see you and nothing else. Also, you won't see any other npc, mob or player. ADDED - Possibility add any npc to new instance. It can be mob or npc. Add this for each npc: <npc id="21420" loc="142595,-107296,-3456;20"/> (loc means: x,y,z,respawn time) to every zone in zone/RamdomZone.xml UPDATED - DressMe: ADDED - A new config for dressme command. OPTIMIZATION IMPROVED - Performance and stability. IMPROVED - Server pack secure against exploits and some cheats. BUG FIXES FIXED - Target issue with get Quest from NPC β€žEye of Argosβ€œ (Range from Player to NPC).
  4. CORRECTIONS CORRECTED - Soul Crystal absorb type for Raid boss: Roaring Skylancer, Beast Lord Behemoth. CORRECTED - Soul Crystal absorb chance for: Last Hit, One Party Member Random, Full Party. CORRECTED - Heine teleport: Field of Silence. CORRECTED - Tanor Canyon spawn point, and one monster group that was too close was moved. CORRECTED - Ice Queen's Castle Location Added missing Minions. Added missing Drop for group leaders and minions. Added missing Drop and Skills for RB "Captain of the Ice Queen's Royal Guard". Reworked Statistics RB "Captain of the Ice Queen's Royal Guard". Fixed Height for Monster "Freya's Servant" and NPC "Freya's Steward". CORRECTED - Random Quest Item drop for Quests (In Party): Seductive Whispers, A Game Of Cards, In Search of Dimensional Fragments, The Zero Hour, Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force, Warehouse Keepers Pastime. Guardians of the holy grail CORRECTED - Number of treasure chests near Eihalder von Hellmann. CORRECTED - Tanor Canyon spawn point. CORRECTED - Spawns on Abandoned Camp and Orc Barracks. CORRECTED - Spawns near Oren. ADDONS ADDED - Missing Quest: β€žKamael: A window to the Future.β€œ ADDED - AI for Swamp Of Screams Monsters. Now mobs have a chance to go for help when they have 50% HP or less (Like L2OFF). ADDED - AI for Orc Barracks Monsters. Now mobs have a chance to go for help when they have 50% HP or less (Like L2OFF). ADDED - AI for Abandoned Camp Monsters. Now mobs have a chance to go for help when they have 50% HP or less (Like L2OFF). ADDED - AI for Plains of Dion - Monsters "Lizardman". Now when mob is under attack it has a chance to go for help from other monsters around (Like L2OFF). ADDED - AI for Quest Monster: Cats Eye Bandit (Like L2OFF). ADDED - AI for Monster Timak Orc Overlord. Now uses "Ultimate Buff" when HP is 50% or lower (Like L2OFF). ADDED - AI for Monster Timak Orc Troop Leader. Now spawns minions when got hit by player (Like L2OFF). ADDED - Missing Hot Springs NPC "Yeti" (Near Master Chef Donath). OPTIMIZATION INCREASED - Interval of sending packets for: Attack follow and Follow. Also, added a config for this. REWORKED - Frozen Labyrinth: Changed Spawns/Groups. Changed Mobs Social Aggression. Fixed Walk Speed. Collision Height (Yeti). BUG FIXES FIXED - Bug with leveling Soul Crystals in Party, now player must be in Party Range. FIXED - Bug with get Quest Items in Party, now player must be in Party Range. FIXED - Issue with Anchor/Paralyze, when character got anchor can't attack when debuff ends, must move and then attack, now this will work normally. FIXED - Apella Sets Debuffs (Like L2OFF). FIXED - Problem with lost window before "start test" in quest: Get A Pet. FIXED - Crest of dusk and Crest of dawn functions, now when Win DAWN we will see Dawn Flags near Catacombs and Necropolis, if Win DUSK then Dusk Flags (Like L2OFF). FIXED - Pets Exp system. (Like L2OFF). FIXED - Strider Quest "Little Wings Big Adventure" fully reworked (Like L2OFF). FIXED - Blue / deep blue monsters Drop/Spoil chance (Like L2OFF). FIXED - Scroll of Escape and /unstuck for class race forbidden (Elf and Dark Elf zones). FIXED - Skill: Lure. Now it takes just one monster. FIXED - Skills: Dark Vortex, Wind Vortex, Fire Vortex, Light Vortex, Ice Vortex - damage after successful debuff. Enemy gets full damage on first casting, not second like it was before (Like L2OFF).
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