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  1. Just finished setting up my own server and ran into some SQL commands that were very helpful. Improvise and change what you need how you need it and want it. Most of them are pretty self explanatory but I'l do my best to explain UPDATE buff_templates SET itemid = 57; Updates table buff_templates and sets in each itemid to ADENA. Using same logic other tables and rows can be updated, inserted changed. INSERT INTO `droplist` VALUES ('22105', '8085', '8', '15', '8', '1000000'); I used this to insert into specific raidboss a drop in this case (premium coin). values can be edited. UPDATE `buff_templates` SET `useitem`='0' WHERE `itemId`='6393'; In this example we replace certain values where they can be found. If we have any itemID 6393 the sql swapped useitem to 0 which means not to use item. Its easy to edit this to change different stuff around without having to do it manualy by one. setting where condition only replaces it where it finds it and does not touche other rows. UPDATE `droplist` SET `chance`='7500' WHERE `itemId`='6393' AND chance='15000'; This is the one I use more frequently when I want to chance lets say drop chance for 1 item, but the item has been inserted into many RB's. We set the Where condition to find the item, we set the new chance , and the last row AND chance only finds where the item has this specific chance to drop. I have inserted the same item into other raidboses with different chance and did not want to change that. I will update more as I go on.
  2. Lineage 2 Sky, MID Interlude- CraftPvP type server x75 Welcome to Lineage 2 Sky, MID Interlude- CraftPvP type server x75. Our goal is to provide you with a stable, lagless, enjoyable as well as close-to-retail yet spiced Lineage II experience. NO CORRUPTION POLICY. NO BOTS,SCRIPTS. https://l2sky.com https://l2sky.com Start date: 09-06-2019 +3GTM 19:00 Main Dates: Grand Opening: June 9th 2019 at 19:00 GMT +3 Please check your time zone. Start Olympiad: 10th June First Heros: At night 16 - 17 June All epics alive on server start except Valakas and Antharas. Main information: Chronicles: Interlude - CraftPVP x75 TvT events everyday 17:00 +2 GTM and 21:00 +3GTM Event medals TvT 20, Vote min 3 max 5 (x4) Event Shop available at Gmshop NPC 28+6 (+4Divine Inspiration) Minimum rift size 3 Class transfer: 1st 100k 2nd 1kk 3rd 15kk + 1 BOG Enchant: Max wep +16 Max armor +16 Max jewl +10 Normal – Safe 4(on all items) 65% Blessed – 70% Augmentation: Glow 0/40/70/100 Skill 5/10/15/20 Dual box: Max 5 Per ip unlimited Oly dual box is off Event dual box is off Rates: EXP/SP: x75 PARTY EXP/SP x1.3 Adena: x25 Drop/Soil: x25 Seal Stones: x3 Quests/Reward: x8/x5 Stakato Fangs Drop without quest can be exchanged in Gmshop Premium Account: Exp/Sp x2 Adena x1.5 Drop x1 Spoil 2x Access to Premium BUFFS and TELEPORTS Champion mobs chance 5% Subclass and Nobles: Subclass without quest. Nobles quest: items in GM shop(65lvl); Donate shop (75lv) or instant Barakiel 6H + 1H RandomNobles RB level: 80 (include guards); GM Shop: Items till B grade; Mammon is available at Giran GM shop has many things available please explore Olympiad: Time: 18:00 - 00:00 (GMT +2) Olympiad period - 1 weeks Maximum items on the olympiad: +6. Items which enchanted more than +6 will be counted as +6. Clans and ally: All clan penaltys removed Clan skills working for every clan member Raids: All Raidbosses spawn 15H to 20H, except Event RB’s Barakiel spawn 6H +1H Random Attacking rb will give you an automatic flag All epics are 80Lvl except core 50Lvl Raids have a 7.5% chance to drop Premium Scroll (3Days) (Ipos ,Shax ,Flamestone giant,Ashakiel,Glaki,Hestia,Golkonda,Galaxia,Shuriel,Hekaton,Shadith,Queen shyeed,Tayr,Mos,Ember,Uruka,Brakki,Horus) Event RB’s Naga will drop either AM or DBOW 100%, will also drop Premium scroll (3 Days) 50% 23H +1H Random Palatanos Of Horific power will drop either AM or DBOW 100%, will also drop Premium scroll (3 Days) 50% Spawn 23H +1H Random Epic’s Fixed Time: Valakas 23:00 +2gtm random 1hour 5 days Antharas 22:00 +2 gtm random 1hour 4days Baium 21:00 +2gtm random 1hour 3days Zaken (80LVL) 20:00 +2GTM random 1hour 2days AQ 19:00 +2 (80LVL) gtm random 1H 1day Tezza 22:00 (80LVL) +2 gtm random 1hour 2days Additional player commands .gk Gatekeeper to Necropolis/Catacombs/Other places. .buffs Buffer's command (not working in all areas). .menu Many commands in one place, password's changer, character's repair, auto potions. Offline shop: .offline; In order to set up offline show just log out after setting up the shop. Unique features: Sweaper skill was replaced with mass sweaper (200) radius. Overlord rebuffs show around character (radius) Improved Buffer system Absolutely 0 tolerance for bots and corruption. No items will be sold outside of normal donate shop and any attempt to engage the GM’s into transactions will result in characters ban. Special Event Raidbosses which have a 100% drop of either DBOW or AM and % chance to drop premium coin (3 days). Merchant system (auctioneer) which allows to sell augment weapons. A new guard to protect against bots walkers, and cheats. PVP zones near epic locations and many, many more features.
  3. clan skills available to all members config please.