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  1. Vilmis

    A question

    Are using our geodata files? Also, did you update to latest files?
  2. Vilmis

    Crystal Enchant

    Stop spamming around or you will get a ban. 99% of all your bugs you made by yourself and if you wanna be sure 100% about bugs then first of all - GO TO OUR TEST SERVER. Also, you can write directly to our support and ask us.
  3. Vilmis


    It stays only if you did a server restart
  4. Vilmis

    CP/HP/MP pots

    Hello, you can't to do this. Only from menu side.
  5. Vilmis

    Beast Farm

    Turn off //invul or buff protection from .menu
  6. Some quests don't have it, because their reward can be too good and that's why you need to increase it by manual carefully in code.
  7. I think i already answered to skype for you.
  8. all buffs time is same to all. Only you can increase a buff time for premium account.
  9. Everything is possible, but for now only basic features + buffs.
  10. which quest for example?
  11. You can to change exp and sp by manual in database -> npc (by id)
  12. You can change reward in config -> rates.ini for all.
  13. Vilmis


    Why you even should do this again and over again if he is already spoiled? I don't get it. Also, it's not a bug section
  14. You lose cp, because it's by l2off. What you mean Strange about mobs? I think it will be better ask me on skype what is bug or what is not.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Dynasty armors +weapons adapted to Orion.