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  1. Version 1.0.0


    We want to sell a few (2 - 3) and then the website will be down for all time. [LIMITED STOCK] The Latest files (Server pack + source code) (Changeset 26 | Revision 845)

    299.00 GBP

  2. Hello, Unfortunately, we have bad news - the project is going to be closed due to deficiency of a free time and other particular personal reasons. On that occasion protection of files and forum will be removed. If anyone needs a source code, forum, domain or anything else - please contact us. It will be sold for the negotiated and agreed price that suits both parties. A total shutdown (including forum, domain and all servers - it will not be possible to download any files) is expected at 2022 May 1st. Until that time all our current and past clients will be able to download a server pack or the last update without protection. Thank you all who have been with us.
  3. Just in case, send me a log file of game console. I would like to check it out too.
  4. Did you check this on Interlude L2OFF server as well? C4 is not the same like Interlude.
  5. You changed AutoLearnSkills from True to False and bot couldn't get his own skills. It's changed now.
  6. Just change that config from false to true for the test, because this pack gives a newbie status by default.
  7. I will need to check L2OFF (Interlude) files. What I can to find right now on internet - all have different info. It might be that this was changed in newer version.
  8. It doesn't effect anything, but I will change it.
  9. Perhaps you turned this config off? AltNewCharAlwaysIsNewbie = False in General.ini ?
  10. It might be a bug. I will try to find more info about L2OFF files. The Bid price should not be here at all I think.
  11. Yes, for this needed some re-work. Now it works and I attached the updated file. Add to html/admin/ castlesiegetime.htm
  12. There is a mistake in Bot.ini β€ž=β€œ is missing.
  13. This what you call a bug is β€žAuto Save Manager β€œ. Character data is RE-saving on server restart/shut down, disconnection or character's restart + β€žAuto Save Manager β€œ. You turned β€žAuto Save Manager β€œ on and it re-saved again exactly on that time when you bought a weapon, but maybe I'm wrong. Try to check it out. 1. Create a character. 2. Go online. 3. Go offline. 4. Check database.
  14. Yes, but this is not a bug. It's how system works of 99% all packs. If you want a random min and sec - you should use The Fix Time system.