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  1. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 16)


  2. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 16) L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 16) Submitter Vilmis Submitted 05/21/19 Category Server Files Updates  
  3. Actually, for this we have a test server and there you can check anything. Besides, here we talk in English.
  4. Man, you can't post anything without giving us more details. Also, let us know when you tried this protection last time? Because when i tried it worked perfect and at least this guard team is not cooperating with bot team as other.
  5. We have a test server for that and if you have more questions you can ask directly to me.
  6. Since we solved this i'm locking topic, because each skill is possible to edit in xml file.
  7. I think you're trying to explain β€žbugβ€œ from wrong side or maybe better add a screenshot here. I know just one visual bug which actually is not bug when you're using a command .setlvl.
  8. Vilmis

    Changeset #16

    RE-WORKED - Buffer and improved system. From now on all buffs in one place. Possible save your buffs as scheme. Added more nice features. Available to check on the test server. RE-WORKED - Market and improved system - added special command: .market, added special configurations to pack side, possible sell augmented items, money sending directly to inventory (offline player included), email notifications (in game), search system, latest items and etc (Pictures). UPDATED - Community Board and fixed some menus which weren't work correctly before: all search systems, paging, clan management, clan mail, region menu, favorites menu and etc. UPDATED - siege system to make this work better. UPDATED - boss: Benom (siege boss), fixed some small issues and added missing drop. CLEAN UP - imports/unused codes and configs for better performance. FIXED - Can not see target bug for doors. After a new geo-engine installing this had a small mistake which is fixed now.
  9. View File L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 15) L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 15) Submitter Vilmis Submitted 04/18/19 Category Server Files Updates  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 15)


  11. Vilmis

    Changeset #15

    UPDATED - MaxDriftRange and MaxRespawnRange functions for better geo-data checking and it doesn't allow walk or be re-spawned to wall on bigger range. FIXED - character heading. From now on, you can see correctly character direction on spawn (teleport, enter to world and etc.). basically, on first seeing character will show correctly direction, not the same like always was before. ADDED - a new command .sellbuffs and .cancelsellbuffs with some additional configs (BETA) ADDED - New logging system. ADDED - New Game Time Controller system. ADDED - New Geo-Engine which works much better than old. ADDED - New DeadLock system with auto server restart. UPDATED - Auto Save Manager. CLEAN UP - Unnecessary imports, configs and settings. UPDATED - Command .gk/Global teleport and added possibility turn off teleport animation (animation = same like /unstuck, escape or etc.) RE-WORKED - Grand Bosses system and from now on possible add separate Fix Time. Also, changed time settings. FIXED - All town pets which were missed.
  12. Mate, if you would do this in your own project it doesn't mean we do.
  13. Hello, the source code is not available, because here is a paid pack.
  14. Thank you, but the pack is already tested and so far everything works fine, but if you want to buy a pack then you can do re-check for some things it depends what you want to check in our test server.