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  1. Look, it's easy to add, but it needs core support. Add these 2 lines to bottom of actionname-e.dat: acionname-e.txt
  2. This config is false or true -> AltGameSkillLearn? (general.ini) Also, there is the limit from core side which is: 9001
  3. It should be enough from client and datapack sides only.
  4. Hello, First of all what you need to do - add new line in actionname-e.dat file correctly. If you did this right then new icon appears.
  5. First of all, this is wrong section. Secondly, if you have any question, contact us or create your own post. Third, this is not free server pack, you need to pay for it.
  6. 1. Who makes you think we all understand your language? 2. You''re using some kind of illegal version - Orion server pack. So, you can't get any help here except ban. 3. You write the posts anywhere you want. This is wrong section (moved to help section).
  7. Vilmis

    Bow Animation

    Fixed. Topic locked.
  8. Vilmis

    Raging Force

    You just sent to PM a video with the same issue in L2OFF files which means this bug comes from client side and can not be fixed. This is not a bug that comes from server/core side.
  9. Vilmis

    Raging Force

    It seems like this bug comes from client side and probably impossible nothing to do about that. But yes I would like to see this comparison in L2OFF files.
  10. Vilmis


    Try to add this file to geodata files and let me know: 20_17.l2j
  11. Hello, Add this file to: game\data\html\olympiad\ noble_13.htm
  12. Vilmis

    Bow Animation

    This is not even attackable NPC and you with edited super haste speed. Anyway, you should check this issue on monster or player.
  13. Vilmis


    Did you check this issue on our test server?