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  1. Forest of the dead Clan Hall don't have NPC to open/close doors, and manage CH This CH is empty.
  2. Clan Leader and Clan Members can't use Devasted Castle Clan Hall shop
  3. Dowload l2jorion system for Interlude: https://www.l2jorion.com/f/L2jOrion_System.zip
  4. maziqpl

    Siege time

    Hi @Vilmis , Thanks for your answer. You have right - its only modification on siegedayofweek and siegehourofday thanks
  5. Hi, Maybe is good idea to make tutorial how to install L2JGuard on L2JOrion? I see that you are cooperate I bought l2jguard but I totaly don't know how to setup this on server side.
  6. Hi, Where I can change price of special teleports in Global GK (now its 10 g-medals)
  7. maziqpl

    Siege time

    I would like to setup Giran - next Saturday 20:00 Aden - next Sunday 18:00 Other Castles for 2099 year (I have plan to open next castles when online will be growing) I try to change in castles table in mysql but after LS/GS restart I have old time
  8. maziqpl

    Siege time

    Hi Any tips how to change siege time?
  9. Working - thanks
  10. Hi, Is any chance to get PHP Script for Login and Gameserver status and online number (similar like here on forum)?
  11. ok - where I can download it?
  12. Hi, I have this same problem (last rev) like this topic: How to fix it?
  13. All works - it was my server problem. thanks!
  14. Please close this topic
  15. Hi, I'm new here. I have ready server and lunched but I have problem to connect. Can someone help me how to connect to server? I change my l2.ini but I still have problem (game not running), using system folders from other servers not help (filles are corrupt). Can you give me tips how to connect with me new server? ps. I'm learning how to setup L2 server (not for commercial - only for my learing skill). thanks!