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  1. AkRoMa

    Store buff

    I want to add that buffers (prophet, ee, bd, sws, wc...) can sell his buff in store... i see this in other server thx
  2. You cant take 2 or more (enchants/life stones) in your inventory, i found the problem y in database, the are "stackable" and for solve this i put "normal" in all of this.... but there isnt stackable, only see and have 1... srry for my english... i put the table etcitems with all stones and enchant changed to "normal"... etcitem.sql
  3. so... u can do premium_Chat on this rev? if not can u put in next? thx!
  4. ok damon! thx! for all master! i uderstand
  5. where is this? https://i.gyazo.com/18f78834cb6f040dd725bc8ecf6746cd.png i want to do a npc with this optios... there is implemented? thx!!!
  6. thx! today i will update thx! damon
  7. So i have rev 27 server, how can i put rev 29 whitout lose all change that i do?? thx!
  8. AkRoMa

    Baium Bugs

    sorry Damon, yes but i delete angel heal from archangels, and archangels hit baium ... drop and teleporter ok... deleting heal we can kill, with heal its imposible, because heal like restore life...i need to fix that skill (4133) when i know something i post :)) thx for all, good job
  9. AkRoMa

    Baium Bugs

    Archangels, hit and heal Baium all time, when baium have less than 20% archangel heal him a 70% of hp (like restorelife), and the last is that whne baium die... archangels no disappear and teleport no spawn... i solve this temporally deleting skill heal of archangels... God work man, rlly nice DataPack