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  1. Coffee

    Raging Force

    greater battle heal, battle heal, also have the same problem with the animation. Bishop Heal
  2. Coffee

    Raging Force

    I can " TRY " to make a comparison on a server that uses L2 OFF .. showing that it is not like that
  3. Coffee

    Raging Force

    Normal ? no its not ... I recognize that the atk.speed is high, but this is intentional. I have custom items with an increase in this status ...
  4. Coffee


    Working perfectly .
  5. Coffee

    Raging Force

    [ Raging Force ] Animation Bug with high Atk.Speed . VIDEO
  6. Coffee

    Bow Animation

    2.000 Atk.Speed 2K Atk.Speed 3K + Atk.Speed 3K Atk.Speed
  7. Coffee


    on the test server it's working fine, I'm using the file that comes with the rev 29 download.. no changes, I just put it in the folder and activated it..
  8. Coffee

    Bow Animation

    With the high atk speed , The bow attack animation bugs if you don"t hold the atk shortcut . VIDEO The bug start with 2.100 Atk.speed.
  9. Coffee


    The bug that i reported in the Geodata REPORT. Is still in the last Version . https://streamable.com/mawg0l
  10. Coffee

    Pet Resurrection

    Pet resurrection not working ... https://youtu.be/otKmsVgrt0w and command .buff working on dead pet possible bug/exploit !
  11. Coffee

    Primeval Isle

    Hi Again ... https://youtu.be/iMQ9jyl0Cco .
  12. Coffee

    Black Judge Bug

    Hi , found a bug on NPC Black Judge on test Server