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  1. SHKEd

    Two questions

    Yes - bug interface. Sorry
  2. SHKEd

    Two questions

    We take id 1047 (sellable = true) 20 pcs. (as if they fell out of mobs) And we are trying to sell them - video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nEDRPJke4mu5ncGvQQPOpDtnRPZXkPll/view?usp=sharing (Video)
  3. SHKEd

    Two questions

    Books or amulets of the same type, if there are many of them, they cannot be sold, they are returned to the inventory
  4. SHKEd


    The win does not match the settings Instead of 500 it gives 200 There's a mistake somewhere, right? /src/l2jorion/game/model/entity/event/Lottery.java
  5. SHKEd

    Two questions

    How to sell books and amulets? Where is the NPC for medals? Event only drop?
  6. Well, for x5 rates, it seems to me that the server should also have a price increase for the economy. Soulshots raises, the rest is not, strange We need to look at other projects, how RateConsumableCost works. Maybe I don't understand the logic. I thought that this setting affects all prices at merchants, and at selected multisell At least, the list would be - which prices to raise, in accordance with the rates. It's logical in my opinion, it's simple. And so RateConsumableCost ,- raises only the prices of Soulshots - useless setup
  7. SHKEd

    Info drop/spoil

    I'll wait for the next revision. Thanks!
  8. SHKEd

    Info drop/spoil

    Information drop/spoil not match for rates x4
  9. Hello, For example, in gm-shop Gemstone C costs 6000, at merchant 3000. How to fix it? Setting RateConsumableCost does not work.
  10. Bad English, sorry I translate HTML files into my language and change the original, but it is impossible to do so so that it can be added to a folder, for example ru. And in the settings to register an additional language. The same applies to system notifications. By default, en is used, but administrators should have the choice to add their own translation.
  11. Regeneration of MP HP while sitting, in the settings. It seems to me that there should be an opportunity to change this.
  12. (bad English, sorry) If you change the RateConsumableCost, then there are only a few positions in the L2tradelist, not all. Where is this list hiding? RateConsumableCost, also does not affect xml multisell