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Changeset #15

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  • UPDATED -Β MaxDriftRange and MaxRespawnRange functions for better geo-data checking and it doesn't allow walk or be re-spawnedΒ to wall on bigger range.
  • FIXED - character heading. From now on, you can see correctly character direction on spawn (teleport, enter to world and etc.). basically, on first seeing character will show correctly direction,Β not the same like always was before.
  • ADDED - a new command .sellbuffs and .cancelsellbuffs with some additional configsΒ Β (BETA)
  • ADDED - New logging system.
  • ADDED - NewΒ Game Time Controller system.
  • ADDED - New Geo-Engine which works much better than old.
  • ADDED - New DeadLock system with auto server restart.
  • UPDATED - Auto Save Manager.
  • CLEAN UP - Unnecessary imports, configs and settings.
  • UPDATED - Command .gk/Global teleport and added possibility turn off teleport animation (animation = same like /unstuck, escape or etc.)
  • RE-WORKED - Grand Bosses system and from now on possible add separate Fix Time. Also, changed time settings.
  • FIXED -Β  All town pets which were missed.
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