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  1. Hey, Im also check this thing, and i think everything is OK: I use L2jOrion over ~7 years, mine server l2Emi x7 is online only 5 Years and 232 Days, so i think i have some expirience Specialy for this topic i set RB droprate to x3 for mine test server and: RB Verfa lvl 51: First Kill: Boss level 51, character lvl 51: IMO is a good drop, and like you see i have luck and i got fulldrop Second kill: Now i set to test character lvl 57, Boss lvl 51 and drop chance going down. After Kill: Finally i think everything is ok. And remember, playera always will tell you his own experience from other servers, but much servers have some features bugged, when mine server have big online like over 1k i got everyday much reporst like this, "because by him own expiriance him thinking..." and maybe 1/00 hass ben real bug report... Remember, Interlude is from 2007... now we have 2024, if i good report and i want check it by REAL official information, is impossible.... Because the biggest source of information about Interlude, the lineage.com forum, has been deleted for ~5 years... IMO l2j Orion is very good server filles, need ofc some more work to be perfect but this maybe in future when Vilmis have more time
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    but you know it's normal? i've played on thousands of servers and it's always like this, this game have 20years... Interlude maybe ~16... and this atk.spd is not normal tor GK class...