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Changeset #14

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  • UPDATED -Β option :Β MaxDriftRange and added geodata checking which doesn't allow mobs go to wall if they are nearby wall.
  • ADDED -Β option: MaxRespawnRange. From now on, all mobs can be re-spawned byΒ random loc like L2OFF. Also, added geodata checking for those mobs which can be re-spawned to wall.
  • ADDED -Β  new MMO core system and removed unnecessary protection configs.
  • RE-WORKED - flood protection system and now it has better performance.
  • ADDED -Β  new protection for multisell of .shop command which doesn't allow use any mulltisell id by PHX. It wil be added for all multisells later.
  • CLEAN UP - multisells which are not default and unusing.
  • FIXED - 1000+ bugged mobs which had wrong loc or were undergroundΒ  (under textures) and that's all what our system found which means no more bugged mobs.Β  This happened after a new geo-data system installation when some mobs had a bad Z loc before and later get bugged. Also, some were left since very old time.

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