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Changeset #12

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  • UPDATED - mobs AI knownlist system. Some mobs which have faction ID (clan)Β need a faster reaction to help each other.Β  Now they have it.
  • UPDATED - powerpack system and re-worked global gk, gm shop and buffer. Since this made,Β from gmshop, gatekeeper and buffer folders htm files are using same for NPC and player commands. Also, possible use in community board.
  • Added a new global gk. Available menus: All towns + noble menu, catacombs, necropolises, teleportation to cursed weapon for special item, teleportation to any zone for special item or just only for premium accounts.
  • UPDATED - Buffer menu and added possibility remove buff one by one.
  • UPDATED - Class balance system and added classes balance controlΒ Β by second class (damagesΒ - to/byΒ fighters and mages). 3rdΒ  class was before.
  • ADDED - A new command: .bank and also, possible use like additional selection in any menu. All configs inside powerpack.ini:
    # Bank system
    # Command: .bank
    BankSystem = True
    DepositItemId = 3470
    WithdrawItemId = 57
    WithdrawItemCount = 500000000


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