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Skill is used even if you have not activated it

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I noticedΒ  the issue when your skill could be used even if you actually have not activated it via clicking it's icon or pressing a key.Β 

So the steps to reproduce are:

  1. Target any mob
  2. Press key to activate it and hold it pressing until mob dies
  3. target another mob
  4. do the autoattack and DO NOT press any other skill keys

Actual result:

Skill is included in attack sequence order for the second mob as well even if it is not needed

Expected result:

Attack sequence of skills/actions (which have been activated while mob-1 was alive)Β should be wiped after the first mob dies. I've checked this behavior on C4 PTS and it works as expected.

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- here you can see I pressed and held the key for the first mob, but then I have not pressed any skill for the second one and IronPunch has been used after couple of autoattacks (so it is even was not the first action in attack sequence)

P.S. it is not related to the latest fix of soulshots sequence. I've checked with old and new core files and issue is present in both versions.

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Did you check this on Interlude L2OFF server as well? C4 is not the same like Interlude.

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Yes. I doublechecked it on L2OFF (AdvExt) as well. Works as expected there

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