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Changeset #20

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Bug fixes

  • FIXED - Skill: Backstab heading bug on just spawned creatureΒ (it was bugged only for creatures-monsters).
  • CORRECTED - Heroes Clan Reputation points on the new period of Olympiad.
  • FIXED - Skill enchanter bug. In short, different max level of the same skill did not work for all classes and you couldn't enchant skill.
  • FIXED - Olympiad's dual box config. It did not work with new Olympiad engine before.


  • RE-WORKED - Movement in some engines and removedΒ unnecessary imports.
  • CORRECTED - SkillΒ type imports. A part of code was inΒ wrong place which came from Daddy's DNA - L2jserver (basicΒ platform).
  • CLEANED - A lot ofΒ unnecessary code which left from older updates.
  • RE-WORKED - Skills enchanting system.


  • ADDED - New vote reward for L2Top.Gr
  • ADDED - New vote reward for L2Top.Online
  • ADDED - A table to database which gives an itemΒ immediately to player without character restart. You just need to do the rest job from donate system (website).

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