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  1. It was from core side limit. I used id 7065 for a custom skill and works. The only problem i have is that i can't link the 7065 skill to a pet. I think it needs to be linked from core side. It only let me use the default action buttons from other summons or pets. I am trying to add a custom skill to Baby Kookaburra and Baby Cougar and Baby Buffallo in pet action window, like you have on summons like Queen Cat. There is no line in actionname-e.dat that can be edited to link to 7065 skill. 12781 is Baby Kookaburra pet id 1 1011 -1 5 44 12781 a,Gift of Seraphim\0 a,icon.action108\0 a,Temporarily shortens your party's spell re-use timer.\0 skill7002 Please tell my if is from java so that i can go to sleep :)))) Thank you!
  2. The only way to make skills to appear is to use a high number id, i used 90004. The skill appeared in my skill list but if i relog my character the skill disappears. I created a different skill using battle heal id 1015 skill id template. Same thing. If i restart my character skill dissappears. In database at characters_skills i have the skill but is missing in game. Any suggestion what im doing wrong? Does server have any protection? I turned setting in config for checking skills on enter to false and it does not help. Thank you in advance.
  3. I did that and worked, thank you. If i want to create a custom skill like blessing of queen but only available for the pet owner is that possible? Or you need to code in java source too?
  4. Hello, im trying to add to baby pets, Kookabura, Buffallo and Cougar summon skills like Gift of Cat Queen or Blessing of Seraphym. 1st i tried in database in npcskills i added Baby Kookabura id and skill id i want to add but it doesnt appear in action window of the pet. Then i tried to change in client side in actionname-e.dat but i don't think the line that i added is ok despite the fact is encoding the file. If someone have any suggestion or the code line for client side please help :). Thank you in advance!