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  1. Osiris

    Help me please

    yes .if you turn off screen message in .menu all gets turned off. You can not just turn off "damage" on screen and have all other screen messages work. You can turn on damage in chat box. These are your only options with this pack. You can request admin to edit to your preference.
  2. Osiris

    Help me please

    Blue numbers is damage given from player to mob. .menu>screen message can turn this off.
  3. Osiris

    server time

    /time gives server time in chat box. Also, server time is given when player logs in(chat box) You want every time Community Board is accessed to show current server time?
  4. Osiris

    Trade chat only Premium

    If any chat should be a benefit of premium, it should be Global Chat.
  5. Is this available for interlude servers?