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  1. Its possible finish a subclass quest only with item?
  2. Litu

    Servitor Sharing

    hm... its possible?
  3. Litu

    Subclass Item Quest

    I dont know how, without java code
  4. Litu

    Change HTML from Dressme

    Its worked! Thanks!
  5. Litu

    Servitor Sharing

    Your xml get 50% from summons patk... i need share 50% from caster to summon
  6. Litu

    Subclass Item Quest

    Hi again, In my server i need quest to get subclass but, i need a item/npc to get subclass buying server coin. In L2j *** i can create something like this: L2ItemInstance elixirItem = player.getInventory().getItemByItemId(6319); if (elixirItem == null) { player.sendMessage("You must have \"Mimir's Elixir\" in your inventory."); return; } Its possible here?
  7. Litu

    Servitor Sharing

    <skill id="1557" levels="1" name="Servitor Share"> <set name="aggroPoints" val="669" /> <set name="castRange" val="400" /> <set name="effectRange" val="900" /> <set name="hitTime" val="1000" /> <set name="isMagic" val="true" /> <set name="magicLvl" val="83" /> <set name="mpConsume" val="35" /> <set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE" /> <set name="reuseDelay" val="60000" /> <set name="skillType" val="BUFF" /> <set name="target" val="TARGET_PET" /> <for> <effect name="Buff" abnormalTime="7200" val="0" abnormalLvl="1" abnormalType="multi_buff"> <mul order="0x30" stat="pAtk" val="1.5" /> <mul order="0x30" stat="pDef" val="1.5" /> <mul order="0x30" stat="mAtk" val="1.25" /> <mul order="0x30" stat="mDef" val="1.25" /> <mul order="0x30" stat="maxHp" val="1.1" /> <mul order="0x30" stat="maxMp" val="1.1" /> <basemul order="0x30" stat="rCrit" val="0.2" /> <mul order="0x30" stat="pAtkSpd" val="1.1" /> <mul order="0x30" stat="mAtkSpd" val="1.03" /> </effect> </for> ----------------------------------------------- but, the status get, for example, 50% patk from pet... but i need 50% summoners' patk to pet patk
  8. Litu

    Servitor Sharing

    I implemented but i cant give character stat for summon
  9. Litu

    Change HTML from Dressme

    In my server i dont need the try system, because dress is free for premium accounts. And some armors still with black icon in menu
  10. Litu

    Servitor Sharing

    Exists any possibility to implements this skill?
  11. Litu

    Change HTML from Dressme

    1) Remove icon from list; 2) Remove try button;
  12. Its possible change HTML from command %showList% from allskins.htm?
  13. Its possible make Trade chat or something only Premium account?
  14. Litu

    Sweeper in Area

    Its work with new files
  15. Litu

    Earth Core Armor

    Yep, using system from Forum. Lineage2/animations: Empatic_dragon_ice_core_green.ukx Lineage2/systextures: NeblitoxRuby.utx, etc... Lineage2/system: armorgrp.dat and Itemname-e.dat