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  1. l235

    Need fix

    Hello, I found a couple of errors, maybe you know how to fix them or you will do it in the next updates 1. Antharas does not restore mana at all, hp regeneration does not increase by 50 and 25% hp 2. Valakas Mp regen works properly, but hp still doesn't regenerate at all. . 3. Benom, during a physical attack, endlessly throws soe but nothing happens, I even tried to remove this skill for him, but he still uses it 4. All 4 raid bosses on the quest for 4 gobles have the status of a quest monster and the drop setting on them acts like a monster, although they should be like RB, if you change the status at the base to a raid boss, the quest stops working 5.Frintezza does not give a debuff in which the character in the camp dances. 6.Problem with geodata in the catacombs, if you gather a crowd and stand in the place shown in the picture, then you will stop seeing monsters, it all depends on what angle you are standing at
  2. l235


    I understand, I think that vilmis will solve this problem as soon as possible because vilmis is a person who does her job well
  3. l235


    what is the ram amount of the servers?
  4. l235


    hello, for a smooth server experience, I recommend 4gb ram and above and additionally I recommend having vds instead of vps
  5. l235

    problem with the market

    Problem solved.
  6. Items are added in the market, but when we restart, the items placed in the market are lost due to this error. Is there a solution?
  7. l235

    server time

    thank you very much it is working fine now
  8. l235

    server time

  9. l235

    server time

    i added it like this but the clock is not showing
  10. problem solved thank you so much
  11. When I add the weapons and custom I made, the picture of the items does not appear, or the irrelevant pictures appear and they appear black. How can I edit them?
  12. l235

    Help me please

    thank you problem solved
  13. l235

    server time

    My html knowledge is not very good, how can I activate this code, I can make customizations on the community screen, but how can I run it exactly?
  14. l235

    Help me please

    understand thank you
  15. l235

    Help me please