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Changeset #16

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  • RE-WORKED - BufferΒ and improved system. From now on all buffs in one place. Possible save your buffs as scheme. Added more nice features. Available to check on the test server.
  • RE-WORKED - Market and improved system - added special command: .market, added special configurations to pack side, possible sell augmented items, money sending directly to inventory (offline player included),Β email notifications (in game), search system, latest items and etc (
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  • UPDATED - Community Board and fixed some menus which weren't work correctly before: all search systems, paging, clan management, clan mail, region menu, favorites menu and etc.
  • UPDATED - siege system to make this work better.
  • UPDATED - boss: Benom (siege boss),Β  fixed some small issues and added missing drop.
  • CLEAN UP - imports/unused codes and configs for better performance.
  • FIXED - Can not see target bug for doors. After a new geo-engine installing this had a small mistake which is fixed now.

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