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Orion Project - Interlude Server Files

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. Does the server work without a real member status?
Yes, it does work. This status doesn't affect server's performance.

2. What the real member is for and what kind of access it has?
Real MemberΒ has following privileges:

  • Access to edit β€žYour Pack Settingsβ€œ in your own forum profileΒ and bind your server IP/DOMAIN address (unlimited times).
  • Unlimited IP/DOMAIN/SUBDOMAIN address changing (binding).
  • Access to the downloads section.
  • Access to the updates section.
  • Technical support and help.
  • A new group color ofΒ Real Member.,
  • Our respect toΒ you, because you help the project stay alive.Β ;)Β 

3. How much the pack costs in my currency?
Go toΒ 

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and enter 1 of these keywords below:
39.99 GBP to EUR
39.99 GBP to USD
39.99 GBP to BRL

or your own such as: 39.99 GBP to your_currency
or: your_price GBP to your_currency

4. What is IP BINDING or what does it mean?
This means server files are protected by 1 IP and it won't work with another IP (external IP of server machine). Also, possible use: Domain or Subdomain instead of IP.

5. Can I get source code if I bought the pack (server files)?
No, Source code is private unless you wanna buy it.

6. Would you add something to source code by special request?
Yes, we would, but it might cost more money like for additional work. We can edit or add to source code whatever you want by our customer wishes.

7. Can I get the server files for free to check them out?
No, you can't. Many testers already did it. We have a test server for this and some of features description, examplesΒ with downloads here:

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8. What if I never had server before and I don't know how to use it?
We will try to help you as much as possible. We can help you with installation of server or create a server from zero. Also, we will teach you how to use it.



Will be more...Β 

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