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Orion Server Pack Features

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Orion Packย - supports all Lineage 2 Interlude official features and has many own additional unique features. Just a few mentioned below for now and i will update it later. Also, any feature can be turned off inside pack config. All quests fully working and updated by Lineage 2 Interlude official information. Everything can be checked in test server with full npcs and special commands for testers.


  1. Team vs Team (Possible add more than 2 teams)
  2. Deathmatch
  3. Capture the Flag

Special NPCS

  1. Buffer - Possible use like simple or mixed mode withย schemes (save/load). Buffs for pets and players. Cancellation of buffs can be one by one or all at once. Also, buffer has a healย function, premium buffs, auto buffย lists (fighter/mage),ย and buffs for special item. Available special command for player andย add to Community Board too.
  2. Global gatekeeper - player can use simple, premium and for special item teleports.ย Available special command for player andย add to Community Board too. Also, possible to change the time of gk animation.ย 
  3. GM Shop - it has special donate item and special functions for donators like: no karma, clan functions, premium time, name/tile colors and etc.ย ย Available special command for player andย add to Community Board too.
  4. Marketer - It's selling/buying system where player can add any item for special item (unlimited currency) and also possible add enchanted or augmented items.ย ย Available special command for player andย add to Community Board too.
  5. Class Manager - Can be like npc or pop up menu. Possible add price or reward for class, pets upgrade. Special command available.
  6. Wedding Manager.


  1. Added newest geo-engine which works like Lineage 2 official.

Special Player Commands

  1. .menu - Additional player functions in one place: exp on/off, title with pvp/pk (live update), block buffs, auto pick up on/off, trade on/off, private messages on/off, screen text pop up like critical, damage and etcย on/off, falling to textures auto correction, change password, repair character and auto potions (working with all potions).
  2. .boss - Simple and epic bosses in one place. Possible see alive status, dead time, boss lvl and clicked on boss name you can get location to boss.
  3. .votereward -ย  Vote system for reward . Added Topzone, Hopzone, L2network and L2jBrasil).
  4. .bank - Adena and your chosen item exchanger.
  5. .subย - All sub-classes in one place.
  6. .sellbuffsย - Possible sell your own buffs.

Special Server Configs

  1. Download:ย 
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Special Zone Manager

  1. Download:ย 
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    • Hi there !ย 
      recently me and my friend were working on environment for a clientย  and i choose Cruma Tower as the base referenceย  checkout my result ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b06Y0LMCGTs ย 
    • We don't have this type zone.
    • when creating the flag area I arrive with the character and it teleports me all the time
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      ย  ย  </zone>
    • hello.ย 

      ย i have few questions about this project.

      1. this files can run at linux ( CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian), this one have sh on server pack?
      2. How much Ram this files need to run properly with 500-1000Users.
      3. this files need restart every 24-48 hours? or can stay alive for 1 week ?.
      4. quest and instances fully working ? retail?
    • Hi. How give online player reward item? Does it exist in db alternative tables items_delayed or character_donate ?
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