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Found 1 result

  1. So I posted 2 days ago about a guy who thought my server 3x raid boss drop rate was 1x . (you have the below topic in this forum section about that) After your reply and after I showed him in the game he was wrong (he used drop sources from other chronics) he apologized, played more than a day on the server and sent me the first screenshot you will find in the topic, and claimed Blessed Enchant Weapon C was bugged on the server pack and even though he enchant was successful his item did not increase in value from +6 to +7. Because he was quite rude and aggressive with the raid boss problem I told him his screen was not proof and that I would test myself when will came home from work. But this crappy player insisted he is right and as usual server and I have problems. Because of my denial, he started to insult me and make death threats:)))). I banned him from Discord for his lack of patience, rudeness, and spam and waited to come home and test myself if L2JOrion was "bugged" ahahahahahaha. My enchant worked very well as you can see in the second screenshot. After comparing his screenshot with my screenshot you will realize this "pro" player used his BEWC ON A WEAPON HE PREVIOUSLY FAILED TO ENCHANT!!!! (look at his screen he sent) so his system message for success was for a weapon +0. You can compare it with my system message (SCREENSHOT 2 +7 enchanted to +8) and realize he put his BEWC on a +0 weapon. HHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Ban is the only cure for this guy. Conclusion: L2JOrion works fine and has no enchant problem. The only bug is in this guy's head. Can't believe how stupid he is :)))