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  1. I had problems as level 46 when i opened level 40 light blue treasure chests all was empty like 50 chests, level 46 and level 46 chest was fine
  2. [DropList] ;Uses new drop system - rates from l2server.ini works properly in it Enabled=0 ;Shows debug messages that allows you to analyze how it calculates the drop DebugMsg=0 ;100 means 100% - 1x, 500 is 5x, affects only item chance, not amount RaidBossItemRate=100 ;Quanity of drop - 100 means 100% - 1x, 500 is 5x SealStoneRateQuanity=1000 ;Drop Spellbook Drop - Except divine protection ones SpellbooksDropBlock=1 ;ShowDroplist EnabledShift=1