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    BUGS / CORRECTIONS CORRECTED - Movement on bow attack (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - Quest: Fate Whisper (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - Quest: Seekers Of The Holy Grail (Like L2OFF). CORRECTED - A few creatures spawn location (Like L2OFF). ADDED - Missing drop item for Dark Choir Captain (Like L2OFF). UPGRADES UPGRADED - Admin command: //reload. Added new reload features: class damages (for class balance), achievements, skins and faenor. UPGRADED - Castles sieges. Improved performance, decreased CPU usage and fixed a few more issues. UPGRADED - Geo engine stability and performance. UPGRADED - Spawn/Teleport protection. Fixed some important issues. UPGRADED - Dressme / Skins system: ADDED - Shield skins. ADDED - β€žBuy allβ€œ action for each type of skin (package's settings is in xml file). ADDED - β€žDeleteβ€œ skin permanently. ADDED - 2 new configs: AllowBuyTryWithoutWeapon and AllowBuyTryWithoutShield. ADDED - Confirmation for Buy all and Delete. CHANGED - System removes skin if you try to change weapon <-> shield. UPGRADED - Command. menu. Also, added more settings like shots / spiritshots effect and pvp / pk announcements - on /off. ADDONS ADDED - New Rebirth System. (Big thanks to @Taduse He paid for this new feature and allowed to share with you, guys) OPTIMIZATION IMPROVED - Server core performance and stability (database connections, code clean up/corrections). OTHER UPDATED - Server pack LIBS folder jar files (several most important). UPDATED - MySQL connection. From now server works with MySQL 5.x - 8.x versions without any issue.