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    Here i will add all updates which were made before the opening this project and as i mentioned before those updates was so many that i can't even remember all of them, because on these files i'm already working a few years. So, that what i will remember, i'm gonna add here, but just only most important - the biggest without any small skills, quests, items, database, data-pack - updates/corrections/fixes and etc. Before starting i want to say that all updates were made by Lineage 2 INTERLUDE Official information. Besides, I will try to summarize all similar in the one common. PART 1 (Added: 9th December): Fully re-worked geo-engine and this system works very similar to L2OFF or even better, because i made it with a little bit bigger distance for smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) walking for everyone. Re-worked skills system, corrected skills - formulas, conditions, effects and etc. (Core side/Data-Pack), added a some new types of skills. Also, some skills couldn't work on the grand bosses and the simple bosses.Fixed wrong information of skils in data-pack side. Re-worked zones system and their types. Better performance for movement inside same and different id/types of zones. Old system had many problem and most with enter/exit from zone. Re-worked game controller system (added a new one and better). Re-worked AI system and made them smarter than was before with some additional options inside database (npc_ai_data table). Also, they can move forward and backward around all objects nicely by geo-data. Re-worked Monastery of Silence, before it had some discrepancies to L2OFF and mobs didn't work as they should. Re-worked Catacomb/Necropolis system with their mobs AI. Re-worked The Seven Sing system, fixed many bugs and i made it similar to L2OFF. Checked and corrected the biggest part of all mobs and their drop. Updated/Corrected location (for example mobs inside wall and in other any wrong location). Fixed The Community Board. Fixed The Mail system. Re-worked The Grand/Simple Bosses system. Created and Added the unique player commands like .menu with our settings, .sub, .class, .setlvl, .boss and etc. Re-worked The Four Sepulchers system and fixed some exploits. Re-worked Fishing system. Re-worked Clan and clan halls system. Re-worked Day/Night spawn manager. Updated many instances and models for better performance. Fixed small bugs and exploits. Re-worked knownlist and L2 World system. Re-worked The Olympiad system. That's all for now. Next part very soon. And when i'm saying re-worked i'm meaning biggest or part of all code has been changed/updated.