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    • Look, it's easy to add, but it needs core support. Add these 2 lines to bottom of actionname-e.dat:

    • It was from core side limit. I used id 7065 for a custom skill and works.Β Β  The only problem i have is that i can't link the 7065Β  skill to a pet. I think it needs to be linked from core side. It only let me use the default action buttons from other summons or pets. I am trying to add a custom skill to Baby Kookaburra and Baby Cougar and Baby Buffallo in pet action window, like you have on summons like Queen Cat. There is no line in actionname-e.dat that can be edited to link to 7065 skill.Β  12781 is Baby Kookaburra pet id 1 1011 -1 5 44 12781 a,Gift of Seraphim\0 a,icon.action108\0 a,Temporarily shortens your party's spell re-use timer.\0 skill7002 Please tell my if is from java so that i can go to sleep :)))) Thank you! Β 
    • This config is false or true ->Β AltGameSkillLearn? (general.ini)
      Also, there is the limit from core side which is: 9001
    • The only way to make skills to appear is to use a high number id, i used 90004. The skill appeared in my skill list but if i relog my character the skill disappears.Β  I created a different skill using battle heal id 1015 skill id template. Same thing. If i restart my character skill dissappears. In database at characters_skills i have the skill but is missing in game. Any suggestion what im doing wrong? Does server have any protection? I turned setting in config for checking skills on enter to false and it does not help. Thank you in advance.Β Β 
    • It should be enough from client and datapack sides only.
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