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  1. Laguna


    Thanks for the help Vilmis really appreciate!!!
  2. Laguna


    Yes I think so, because when playing in localhost there is often lag especially outside the cities and in other places lag, only inside the dungeons everything works very smoothly. so I think it's mySql, pc spec 32gb 3060ti older i7 6700 processor
  3. Laguna


    Hi Ranil could you kindly tell me how you optimized the mysql program? A thousand thanks
  4. Hello guys I just discovered this wonderful project! I would really like to help you in buying one of your projects . unfortunately I'm not very practical in using the various peograms. I only know how to use navicat and mysql in a basic way. i tried your test server and it's AMAZING i would really like to buy it, I mean i would like to buy the datapack to play it completely offline with the GM commands just for my NOSTALGIA could you advise which project to buy? Thank you and sry for my bad ENG