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  1. Image or no image can be done with simple buttons, what I mean is that the current antibot needs a facelift, an update ... to make it more professional in view of the player and a system of penalties to save us work in finding it bots and punish them manually
  2. Yes, I know, but with an imaging system, wouldn't it be equally effective? and of course much more professional. example something like this .. (if you think html is fine, at least implement a punishment system)
  3. If it is possible, also modify the html a bit to make it look more professional, the buttons etc ... for example: (captcha by images.) and also the system of punishments
  4. Hello, a little update of the captcha anti-bot would be good, the one with the package is a bit outdated (and looks Ugly) it could be updated to make it more professional even add a penalty system, 1 failure: 15 min jail 2 faults: 24h jail 3 faults: 72h jail 4 faults permanent ban and with the help of the captcha and a good anti-bot system (we can avoid use third party programs) adrenaline etc .. thank you very much
  5. acidus

    Store buff

    Yes, I'm waiting to see if they add that and buy the pack, I'll wait a little longer to see if they decide to add it :)