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  1. Hallo Vilmis, i have a request. I want to make some of the Powerpack features available only for Premium Users. So i want to be able to deactivate the following features (Voice Commands) for no premium users: Buffs, GK, GMShop, Market.
  2. I Finally fixed It took me sometime only because no free time. I had few small 'bugs'. Anyway now its working like i wanted
  3. Hello, i would like to be able to change the cursed teleport price (*.ini or in Database) Can you please make it possible?
  4. Hi Vilmis, i would give it a try again, (double check everything), plus if that still dont work i want to try to add this Quest on an existing NPC not a custom, to see if this works... (You thing this makes any difference?) After that if i still dont have any success i will come to you for help, you are my last hope Anyway thanks!
  5. koa

    Cursed Teleport Price

    Hi Vilmis, thanks for answering. Should i open a request?
  6. koa

    Cursed Teleport Price

    Hello, im trying to change the price of "cursed teleports" but i cannot find out how. It costs 2 Glitterings but i want to increase it. Any idea how? All other teleports i found on Database but this one not. Thanks!
  7. Hello, i created a new quest and i want to show messages on client, for example wenn Quest accepted or finished. I edit questname-e.dat (here added quest description. Its 2 parts, when Quest accepted and when completed), npcname-e.dat (here i added my npc), npcgrp.dat (here again i added my custom npc and the Quest number). The NPC is custom and in Database is under custom_npc table. Quest working fine, when i take the quest from npc the symbol for the new quest will show (see picture, nr 1) but when i click and open it is empty (see picture, nr 2) Can someone help me? What i miss here? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hello, can you make it possible to register my own macros for new players? e.g. (i want to have the following options, if possible of cource) # name, command, slot, page ["S.O.E.", "/unstuck", 11, 1] Is that possible? Thanks