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  1. I Finally fixed It took me sometime only because no free time. I had few small 'bugs'. Anyway now its working like i wanted
  2. Hi Vilmis, i would give it a try again, (double check everything), plus if that still dont work i want to try to add this Quest on an existing NPC not a custom, to see if this works... (You thing this makes any difference?) After that if i still dont have any success i will come to you for help, you are my last hope Anyway thanks!
  3. koa

    Cursed Teleport Price

    Hi Vilmis, thanks for answering. Should i open a request?
  4. koa

    Cursed Teleport Price

    Hello, im trying to change the price of "cursed teleports" but i cannot find out how. It costs 2 Glitterings but i want to increase it. Any idea how? All other teleports i found on Database but this one not. Thanks!
  5. Hello, i created a new quest and i want to show messages on client, for example wenn Quest accepted or finished. I edit questname-e.dat (here added quest description. Its 2 parts, when Quest accepted and when completed), npcname-e.dat (here i added my npc), npcgrp.dat (here again i added my custom npc and the Quest number). The NPC is custom and in Database is under custom_npc table. Quest working fine, when i take the quest from npc the symbol for the new quest will show (see picture, nr 1) but when i click and open it is empty (see picture, nr 2) Can someone help me? What i miss here? Any help is appreciated.