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  1. Reina

    Event command

    I don't get yourt issue. i had no problem with events, once disables nothing appear in game about them.
  2. Reina


    When you put a shop of selling buff if you log off when you still selling and connect back the tittle *selling buffs* stays. It's not really a problem but jsut saying.
  3. Reina

    Beast Farm

    When you train a mob in Beast farm and it tires to give buffs (as they usual do) you don't get anybuff they keep buffing over and over buy 0 buff in buff bar. (I tried w/o buffer buff i ahve 0 buff and it is buffing with 0 results). I don't think so that it's a default thing.
  4. Reina


    Maybe (don't know if from system or from server files): Add that the game don't allow spoil over and over again when mob is already spoiled.
  5. Issue. 1. (CP) is it normal than when you die by a Mob and ress back in city (or anywhere) you lose all your CP? I'm not sure if its something about server files... Issue. 2. Mobs acting strange imposssible to pole them sometimes.
  6. Hi there everyone, i have a few questions (i hope don't forget any of them). 1. Which way to contact you? And what is for? (I'm from Spain) " Also, we are looking for the new members (Russians, Spanish, and Portuguese) to the team which can speak English (requirements: a good English language). Contact us, we have an offer for you." 2. There is any tutorial for L2JOrion set server (if there is a specific way to do it)? 2.1 If there are not tutorial (and it's diferent from others servers), do you plan to make some to people that reciently started in this? (Maybe i can't see it cause sometimes i'm blind). 3. Do you have Discord or something similar to keep contact with people (I think a Discord well set it's a good form to keep in touch with people interested in this project).