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Orion Project - Interlude Server Files

L2jOrion Server Files Updates (Changeset 24 | Revision 663) 1.0.24

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  • CORRECTED - Soul Crystal absorb type for Raid boss: Roaring Skylancer, Beast Lord Behemoth.
  • CORRECTED - Soul Crystal absorb chance for: Last Hit, One Party Member Random, Full Party.
  • CORRECTED -ย Heine teleport: Field of Silence.
  • CORRECTED -ย Tanor Canyon spawn point, and one monster group that was too close was moved.
  • CORRECTED - Ice Queen's Castle Location
    • Added missing Minions.
    • Added missing Drop for group leaders and minions.
    • Added missing Drop and Skills for RB "Captain of the Ice Queen's Royal Guard".
    • Reworked Statistics RB "Captain of the Ice Queen's Royal Guard".
    • Fixed Height for Monster "Freya's Servant" and NPC "Freya's Steward".
  • CORRECTED - Random Quest Item drop for Quests (In Party):
    • Seductive Whispers,
    • A Game Of Cards,
    • In Search of Dimensional Fragments,
    • The Zero Hour,
    • Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force,
    • Warehouse Keepers Pastime.ย 
    • Guardians of the holy grail
  • CORRECTED - Number ofย ย treasure chests near Eihalder von Hellmann.
  • CORRECTED ย -ย Tanor Canyon spawn point.
  • CORRECTED ย -ย Spawns on Abandoned Camp and Orc Barracks.
  • CORRECTED ย -ย Spawns near Oren.


  • ADDED - Missing Quest: โ€žKamael: A window to the Future.โ€œ
  • ADDEDย  - AI for Swampย Of Screams Monsters. Now mobs have a chance to go for help when they have 50% HP or less (Like L2OFF).
  • ADDEDย  - AI for Orc Barracks Monsters. Now mobs have a chance to go for help when they have 50% HP or less (Like L2OFF).
  • ADDEDย  -ย AI for Abandoned Camp Monsters. Now mobs have a chance to go for help when they haveย 50% HP or less (Like L2OFF).
  • ADDEDย  - AI for Plains of Dion - Monsters "Lizardman". Now when mob is under attack it has a chance to go for help from other monsters around (Like L2OFF).
  • ADDEDย ย -ย AI for Quest Monster: Cats Eye Banditย (Like L2OFF).
  • ADDEDย ย -ย AI for Monster Timak Orc Overlord. Now uses "Ultimate Buff" when HP is 50% or lower (Like L2OFF).
  • ADDEDย  -ย AI for Monster Timak Orc Troop Leader. Now spawns minions when got hit by playerย (Like L2OFF).
  • ADDEDย  -ย Missing Hot Springs NPC "Yeti" (Near Master Chef Donath).


  • INCREASED - Intervalย of sending packets for: Attack follow and Follow. Also, added a config for this.
  • REWORKED - Frozen Labyrinth:
    • Changed Spawns/Groups.
    • Changed Mobs Social Aggression.
    • Fixed Walk Speed.
    • Collision Height (Yeti).


  • FIXED - Bug with leveling Soul Crystals in Party, now player must be in Party Range.
  • FIXED - Bug with get Quest Items in Party, now player must be in Party Range.
  • FIXED - Issueย with Anchor/Paralyze, when character got anchor can't attack when debuff ends, must move and then attack, now this will work normally.
  • FIXEDย -ย Apella Sets Debuffs (Like L2OFF).
  • FIXEDย - Problem with lost window before "start test" in quest: Get A Pet.
  • FIXEDย -ย ย Crest of duskย and Crest of dawn functions, now when Win DAWN we will see Dawn Flags near Catacombs and Necropolis, if Win DUSK then Dusk Flags (Like L2OFF).
  • FIXEDย -ย Pets Exp system. (Likeย L2OFF).
  • FIXEDย - Strider Quest "Little Wings Big Adventure" fully reworked (Like L2OFF).
  • FIXED -ย Blue / deep blue monsters Drop/Spoil chance (Like L2OFF).
  • FIXED - Scroll of Escape and /unstuck for class race forbidden (Elf and Dark Elf zones).
  • FIXEDย  - Skill: Lure. Now it takes just one monster.
  • FIXEDย  -ย Skills: Dark Vortex, Wind Vortex, Fire Vortex, Light Vortex, Ice Vortex - damage after successful debuff. Enemy gets full damage on first casting, not second like it was beforeย (Like L2OFF).

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