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L2 Sin Corazones - Interlude x10

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Beta 0.1Β 

we are adapting all and testig

Cronica = InterludeΒ 
Exp = 10x
Sp = 10x
Party = 1.5x
Drop = 8x
Adena = 8x
Spoil = 6x
Manor = 2x
Quest Rate = 3x
Quest Reward = 2xΒ 
Safe: +3 Fullbody: +4
Weapon Max: +10 Armor/Weapon Max:+15
Rate Normal enchant: +4 65%, +5 60%, +6 55%,...+10 35%.
Rate Bless enchant: +4 75%, +5 70,...+10 45%,... +10 45%.(El arma baja a 0)
Rate crystal: +4 85%, +5 80%... +10 65% (El arma no baja si faya el enchant)
El rate para armaduras y joyas aumenta un 10% la probabilidd.
Normal +4 75%...
Bless +4 85%...
Crystal +4 95%...
GmShop grado C
NPC Buffer - (Basicos, PP, SE, EE)
NPC Buffer Premium - (Full buff)
Buff slot: 22+4 DuraciΓ³n: 2h
Auto Learn Skills (necesario divine inspiration book)
Free 1ΒΊ y 2ΒΊ cambio de clase
3ΒΊ cambio quest/donate shop
Subclass quest/donate shop (pipete baium)
Noble quest/donate shop (caradine letter)Matar Barakiel
Offline shop
Periodo de olimpiadas 2 semanas
Clan hall full working
Siegues 100% working
No custom items
Premium system: Votando, eventos y donando
Comando .menu:
-------Bloqueo de experiencia on/off
-------Contador PV/pk en titulo on/off
-------Block buff on/off
-------Auto pick on/off
-------Trade on/off
-------Refuse on/off
-------Texto en la pantalla on/off
-------CP, MP, HP
------Cambiar contraseΓ±a
------Reparar personaje
------Premium account (1, , 7, 30 dias)
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