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Strix-Platform (Guard) protection 15% OFF

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Strix-Platform is a universal client / server protection designed for the Lineage II game client and blocking third-party software that could harm your server.

Protection is designed to prevent the operation of all currently known various bots, clickers, scripts and other software, without losing performance for the game client and server.

Supported Clients
Protection supports the following Lineage II chronicles, in the future the list will grow:

  • Interlude
  • Gracia Final
  • Gracia Plus (Epilogue)
  • Freya
  • High Five
  • Goddess of Destruction:
  • Awakening, Harmony, Tauti, Glory Days, Lindvior, Epeisodion / Valiance
  • Epic Tale of Aden:
  • Dimensional Strangers - Ertheia, Infinite Odyssey, Helios - Lord of Bifrost, Grand Crusade, Salvation
  • All Classic / Essence

Protection has a huge number of capabilities and includes various modules such as Mandatory and Optional.

  • Mandatory modules - modules that are intended for the basic work of protection
  • Additional modules - modules that expand the capabilities of both protection and the game client of the Lineage II game

Mandatory modules

  • Protection from bots
  • Packet spoofing protection
  • Protection against emulation of keystrokes \ mouse
  • Encryption of all game traffic

Additional modules
Protection includes the following additional modules that you can customize:

  • Rendering text in the client, as well as displaying additional information
  • Checking the check
  • Verification of connections with the authorization server
  • Copy-paste module (Depending on the capabilities of the game client (!!!))
  • Adding a boot logo

Website:Β https://strix-guard.info/en
Price: 125