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L2jOrion.com - Interlude Server Files

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Hello, fellas
Here is some new things what we want to mention and what we can to do for additional small payment.
So, take a look, guys. If youΒ  won't find what you was looking for, you can all the time contact us and ask in private.

Server/Core side [Server files (pack)]Β -

We can:

  • Create a new server by client wishes.
  • Create a new system/engine by client wishes.
  • Add/CreateΒ  a new modΒ by client wishes.
  • Edit old mod by client wishes.

Other -
We can:

  • Help to fix any bug.
  • Help to do any job inΒ server/core/client side.


Contacts us.

*** This listΒ will be updating.